First Uni

I’m thinking I will go into street and want to be able to start on my starter uni. My biggest ledge is about 28 in high and my biggest stair set is 20 in high and 3 stairs. I live out by some trails (not muni trails just walking trails) and thought I might ride out there some times. :smiley: I thought abou getting an lx. will that hold up to what I want to do? :thinking: Also I thought I would get a 20 in should I get a 24? :thinking: I live in the us so I can get a lx without a problem. My budget is mebey about 120-130 at most. tahnks for any help.

I’m not an expert with torkers, I barely know anything about them.
But a 20" ISIS would be the best. The Nimbus X or ISIS trials would be good for the job, but out of your price range. Maybe some one who knows something about torkers will help.

One thing

theres one thing I for got to mention. I weigh 90-100 pounds

There’s a nimbus X in the trading forum at the moment that might be worth looking at.

At your weight it’ll prob hold up for a while, but it’ll eventually break. If you want something to last you will eventually need to get something w/ a splined hub & cranks.

The cheapest splined trials would be a Torker DX on e-bay ~ $230. The Nimbus w/ KH cranks is a good deal as well ~ $300.

I’d get the LX,or something from the Trading Post, and stay away from drops until you’ve saved up enough for a good uni (I’d get the Nimbus or a KH). If you break parts on your LX, there are sronger inexpensive replacements for most of the uni.

If you start off w/ a 24" LX it’ll be a bit harder to learn but better for more distance and trails.

If you start w/ a 20, it’ll be a bit easier to learn and then have a freestyle uni/loaner.

Remember that what’s be good to do trials on may not be good to learn on, but also that most people don’t have that much trouble learning.

You have a choice to make indeed, having learned about street unicycling before even getting a first uni.

You say your biggest set is a 3 stair, so a splined unicycle may not be necessary. I can do 3-4 stairs on my freestyle uni without breaking anything, but I did land poorly and bend my crank arms a few times.

Sounds like if you have a maximum of 130 to spend, the lx would be your best choice.
I think a nimbus isis trials would be a better option, but if that isn’t doable, go with the torker lx, it should last you a while, they’re definitely worth it! (You may want to upgrade the seat though!)


It isnt trials it is trails that I want to do.

Most people use a trials unicycle to do street. The bigger tire helps absorb the shock of landing stair sets and drops etc.

I don’t do much street at all but I can tell you that jumping down a 2 set is a lot harsher on a 20" BMX style wheel than with a trials setup.

From everything I hear a torker LX is an excellent starter uni but I would want something with a fatter tire once you start doing any kind of drops.

If you think your going to stick with unicycling you should probably go with a Nimbus Trials or street uni. They’re the cheapest Isis unicycle you can buy. An Isis hub is just a lot stronger then the Tapered(Square) hub that the LX is set up with. Isis. Tapered.

New idea

what about the nimbus learner on this thread?

Your link is not working.

try this

He says it’s ISIS but it looks like cotterless to me from the pic. If it is ISIS, It’s a good deal, even w/ the slightly bent crank.

Good uni but the stock cranks will bend after a while, though not as much of a worry w/ your low weight. I’d upgrade to the KH cranks.

I repeat my earlier recommendation. Start w/ the LX and save your $ for something stronger.