First Uni Video

Here you will find my first Uni video. I started unicycling 3 weeks ago so its nothing special and quite short :wink:

Wow, I think your the first one ever to make a spastic song like system of a down work for a unicycling video. Good job. Keep up the good work and nice editing.

You learn quick! I wish I could have been that good in three weeks!

Wow pretty good. Qu-ax trials uni for 3 weeks of riding though? Isnt that alittle bit dareing? Oh well i guess if you know what you want you should get the best!

Wow! unicycling with that shoes!! You won’t keep them for a long time! and your feet will be hurt i think!

Impressive for 3 weeks of riding !! Well Done !! If you keep at it at that pace, you’ll be giving some of the seasoned riders here a run for their money soon.

Thanks for your comments.

For now this is a problem because my fingers hurt because of grabbing the seat. Sounds strange but that’s how it is… :smiley:

Nah that happens when your first learning…and even later w/ hard riding.
Cool video, buy some gloves and keep practicing hard

are you sure you didn’t mean months?

yeah damn…3 weeks…very fast learner. bad song though…lol

nice first vid for only three weeks. i was about that good my first three weeks. keep at it and youll get good.