First Uni Video!

Just made a quick unicycling videos. I’m by no means great at unicycling but I’m getting better!!

Nice job! I started months ago and still can’t ride down a series of stairs yet, so i am very impressed! Keep up the good work!

Thanks man! I have only been able to ride further than 100 feet for around 3 weeks.

Keep at it :slight_smile:

Continue practicing holding the handle (I like to alternate hands), and restrict your other hand by holding ur belt buckle or something while riding grass, stairs, figure 8’s, etc. Also work on hopping, for ur learner to last, don’t hop down more than a curb (up, sky’s the limit :roll_eyes: ) and either trade foot forward or rotate the cranks.

You’re doing pretty good with those stair sets!

Thanks for the support! I tried to go down closer stairs a few nights ago, I made it twice and went for a third time and ended up smacking the concrete. I bruised my pelvis and skinned my arm.


I always wear helmet, wrist guards, knee/shin & elbow for-arm pads. If not I’d be covered w/ scrapes all the time. My only scar is from towards the beginning of my uni career, just cruising along, hit a crack and my legs failed to respond for 0.1 sec

nice job dude, keep it up

Great vid. I’m still a brand new newbie but it’s nice to see someone between me and expert. It makes it seem more achieveable!!

Hope your bruises aren’t too bad.

It’s part of the game, but as skilewis74 said I would recommend extra safety gear whenever you’re trying something new…

Ride on you’re doing great!!!

Have fun,

Keep working at it locko, I could only find expert videos and I felt discouraged then at some point I just decided I will keep trying and maybe get to expert ome day.

It’s ok! Battle scars! Chicks dig scars!..right?