first uni ?'s

I’m looking to get my very first uni. I’m tired of borrowing my friends. I want to stay under $200, with a 20"wheel and need something that has a good all around setup but based more towards offroad. I have seen only two. 1)torker dx 2)nimbus trials let me know what you think. Also, if you have any experience with either the specific uni or even the companies.

Thank you,
uni in nj.

I haven’t seen either of them. But I have owned a number of Torkers. I like them and I don’t think you can go wrong with them. That is unless you are planning to do some hard core trials or really have a need for a fat tire (the Torker’s frame is too narrow for fat tires).

If you want something for off road, you should be looking for a 24 incher. Again, I think the 24 Torker DX is a good cost effective starter. You might run into the same narrow frame problem with it though.

The nimbus won’t have the problem with frame clearance. The hub isn’t as strong as the Torker, but I believe it is about the strongest non-splined hub. Another advantage is the hub can accept a number of production cranks. This is good if you want to switch crank lengths.

Hope this helps

Thanx for the quick response! is a wider (possibly 2.5") tire better? I have only ridden a 1.95 the nimb has a 2.5 and torker has a 2.125 does a 1/4" make a diff.?

Yes. But it depends on what you are doing. For trials, it’s all about the wide tire. For freestyle, its a thinner (but still wide) high pressure tire. For MUni, a fat low pressure tire is where it’s at.

Another option is to get a Torker LX, and only use it for mild stuff, then get a better one when you know what you want.


daino149 is right on.

The Torker DX is more of a heavy duty freestyle than a true trials uni. The 2.125 tire will have more bounce than a 1.95 but neither will will be comparable to a 2.5 trials tire. For off road the 2.125 will be ok on gravel and hard pack dirt but a 2.5 will perform better in the soft stuff.

The limiting factor on the Nimbus is if and when you get in to drops and similar abuse. You may start bending cranks or damage the hub on a square taper hub where the splined hub and cranks will withstand greater forces. A trials tire has more rolling resistance so you may not like it as much for general riding and freestyle skills but if trials is where you are heading you can do plenty with it.

I had a cheap freestyle and it didn’t take long to start bending cranks when I was learning drops. My Summit Trials pretty much took care of that problem. When Torker came out with the flat crown this year I bought the DX for use as a heavy duty freestyle. So far so good. You probably won’t wreck the DX through your advancement in uni skills. As you get better you’ll probably want both freestyle and trials.

Save your $, it never ends. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Re: first uni ?'s

Hey uni! Come to a Unatics meeting in Manhattan (next one on Saturday the 17th) and you can try a bunch and chat with a bunch of experienced riders in person! You’ll have a blast and get to try freestyle, off-road, trials, and long-distance unis. In fact, if you let us know you are coming and exactly what you want to see, we’d be glad to make sure one or more of that type will be there. You can see our new and improving website at the link in my sig just below.