first uni-movie

I have made a new movie, its not perfect(the camera was moving a lot) but plz watch it !


You’re really good, nice combination of tricks :slight_smile: But it was a little too long and you rode on the same spot all the time.

not bad dude, nice tricks.

Cool trials course! and what an original song choice!

Didn’t you already post this?

I remember that same trials course… That must be, because this is your first vid. I commented on the other one and everything, though I could have been dreaming, but I highly doubt it.

thats a cool little course and is that a…pet sheep?
that was good riding i dont think i could do half that stuff. hpoe to see more videos in the future well done



both forrest rackard and jon atwell have used this song already… probably a few more too…

yes i already post a movie, but this is another version and there are litlle changings…:wink: :smiley: