First Uni Magazine related injury?

I don’t get a lot of time to sit down and read magazines, so I normally
find the best place for them is in the bathroom so I can make the most
of the enforced 5 minutes peace and quiet that nature dishes out each

So, whilst paying a visit earlier today, I figured it would be a good
time to read a couple of pages of Uni (
Unfortunately, it was such a gripping read that I was in there for 20
minutes. That’s 20 minutes of sitting on a not too comfortable loo
seat, resting my arms on my thighs. So my legs went past the pins and
needles stage to the completely numb stage. I only found this out,
however, when I went to stand up, and promptly lost balance and fell
forward, hitting my head on the side of the bath. The injury isn’t too
serious, but I had to lay there for 5 minutes before enough feeling came
back in to my legs to be able to stand up again.

So, is this the first Uni Magazine related injury? Have you hurt
yourself in a more spectacular way reading it? And should the magazine
carry a health warning?

STM - Bruised, but still brave enough to tackle the remaining pages

Could you post some pictures of the incident? :smiley:

That would be certainly helpful for the general risk asasment. Seems to be a new kind of UPD. Definetly more spectacular than papercuts.

P.S. I hope the magazine is undamaged?


thats so funny :P, i’ve done it before but it wasnt a bath it was the vanity.

i’m not laughing at you i’m laughing with you here.

Yes, he was having a Unicycle Publication Dump.:smiley:

I’ve done that! I thought I was the only one! I hit my head on the shower door though.

What can I say, have you ever read Z is for Zacariah?


whatever happened to unicyclists having good balance??
one time my arm fell asleep so bad that i had to hit it against a wall repetedly to make any feeling come back …after finding it w/ my other hand (I had fallen asleep on top of it)

Are you sure you didn’t just hit it against a wall because you’re stupid? :roll_eyes:

Re: First Uni Magazine related injury?

“andycookuk” wrote in message …

> What can I say, have you ever read Z is for Zacariah?

No, didn’t think that I had. Just googled it for a summary though, and
it sounds very familiar, so maybe I did read it years ago. Does the
girl in it read Uni then?


She probably does but the author left it out. I ment that I was reading Z is for Zacariah when i UPD in the bathroom. I went numb because it’s a good book (reading for so long).

I bet Jesus read when he was on the toilet.


Ive read on the toilet, but I usually just pick up shampoo bottles and soaps and read the back of them, its a habit to do while in the bathroom.

I havent gone numb yet, but just yesterday I fell asleep and had my under a pillow with me on top of it, so it went numb, and as I was waking up, I stretched my non-numb arm up and felt the numb one, and seeing how it was numb, I couldnt feel it, so I could of swore someone else was in my bed, but then I looked over and it was just me, then while trying to move it, I couldnt, it felt like a fat bloated dead arm sitting on my bed.

passed out…

…in related news, I passed out once after squatting for a long period of time
and then standing up too fast. That was strange…waking up with people
looking down at me…was not in the bathroom, and was thankfully fully


NAH… it had no feeling for almost 5 minuites and it made me mad so I threw it (it was totally limp) at the wall and I felt a little tingle so i started hitting it against the wall (not hard) until the feeling came back

Just bought this magazine on-line.
I can see I’m going to have to handle it with asbestos gloves when it arrives!

There is a lot to read in it, it looks quite thin when you first see it, but it doesn’t have all the rubbish other magazines have padding it out.

once when on the john my insane cat came hurtling into the room for no reason and scared me so i stood up and hit my head on the cabinet. (as to why i have a cabinet over my toilet is still a mystery)

hmm you must ride your toilet like a horse … cuz most so called cabinets over toilets are not deep enough to get in the way. now said … they are usually fairly close to the shower and if you forget to grab a towel before you shower you should be able to reach over and catch you one

I feel I should respond to this thread but I really don’t know what to say…

A PooPD?

My jaw hitting the ground when I found ot I was in it? (Ad, on the back inside cover)