First Uni (commuting)

Hi All!

Firstly, I am completely new to this and came over here once I found this place from the subreddit for unicycling.

I always have cycled to work but unfortunately that bike broke and I was hoping to find a “method of travel” a bit more fun and something I could also secure at my place of work (about a 2km journey). I looked at all sorts of ideas but Unicycling seems great and I can easily bring the bike up the stairs! (I hope).

However, I am not sure if they are sensible or easy to use for commuting. I am about 5’10 and 85kg’s and good shape so the distance isn’t a problem but I would like something that is reasonably comfortable on a road at a reasonable speed.

Would this be a sensible option (I’m in the UK and my town is pretty quiet on the roads and currently no scary hills where I live).

If so (which I really hope it is) I have absolutely no idea what would be suitable to get for the commute itself be that new or 2nd hand.

Any wisdom the community could impart upon my humble self would be greatly appreciated be that ideal resources to read or direct information on where to pick up the bike itself!

Look forward to hearing from everyone and have a great day!

Well, you didn’t say, I don’t think, if you can already unicycle and how well.

There are many posts here about commuting, so use the search feature.

What you want is either a 29 or a 36. 2K isn’t very far, so a 29 might be more versatile for you, since you could use it for muni too.

Total noob I’m afraid! Going to now hit that search and see what comes up keeping an eye out for the sizes. Learning is something I have plenty of time for so having a commute Uni and a “learner uni” isn’t a problem for me if it helps.

I wish I had a 2km commute to unicycle - that sounds like a perfect balance - a little far to walk, and a little short to bike.

IMO, you need to plan on a few months of learning before its a realistic commute, but then again, you might be a fast learner. I’d start on a 20 incher, and promise yourself a bigger, faster uni after the first time you manage to do it on the little one. You can learn on a bigger one, but it is amazing how much more it can hurt falling off a 29er compared to a 20, and you’ll be doing a bit of falling to start. And, looking at the statistics out there, people appear to learn a lot faster on smaller unis.

Regardless, I hope you do it; that commute is a perfect goal.


I think you’d do best starting with a 20 or 24 inch and then moving to a 29. People have learned on 29ers, but it is more difficult. If you went with a 24 you’d be able to ride 2kms pretty easily without having to upgrade. UDC (unicycle dot com) has a good selection of decent beginner unicycles here.

That’s just my two cents worth, good luck.

I’m learning on a 24", and about your height too :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t worry TOO much about getting a bigger one for that commute either - I’ve been riding mine for about 8-9 miles a day, it’s slow but it’s easily possible without collapsing into a mess of tiredness :smiley:

Obviously a bigger Uni will be faster, but the 24" size isn’t exactly slow and it’s a nice size to learn on too!

+1 on the 20" or 24" choice. You can ride either one of those 2km, no problem. The 20 is easier to learn on, but the 24 isn’t much harder. At 5’10", and being an adult (able to commit to learning a new skill) I think I would go for the 24". It’s pretty versatile. My friend is currently learning with a 24" Torker LX and he likes it. A lot of folks on the forum say the same, it’s a good choice.
After you get good on it, and after spending time on the forum, you will know better what would be a good upgrade path, depending on your interests.
Good luck!

Thanks for all the replies everyone! I’ve been looking and reading and digesting and so far I have a bit of a problem with the Torker LX being in the UK I am struggling to find a supplier. I did read some suggestions on a Nimbus II as well which I can’t seem to source (for example although out of stock) and slightly more Muni ofc than I’m looking for. (no Nimbus II here either)

I don’t suppose any fellow brits can suggest a good shop local or internet based I can call/enquire for a 24" Torker or Nimbus if people think these are good (and seem easier to hands on)

Thanks again all! I can’t went to get on it though I’m getting a bit of a bug for this now!

club 24"

I have a 24" club, but I dont use it much because my trips are usually about 10km and I’d use 29" (I wish I had a 36" :frowning: )

It should be a nice beginner unicycle.
You can always buy another larger or stronger uni later, but this would suffice for learning AND 2km commutes imo
the 24" and 26" nimbus II look really nice… :smiley: (i wonder why red is more expensive :3 )

This looks like the deal right now for a great starter uni:

…even if you don’t want the juggling balls.


I am pretty good at juggling already, not sure if I would commute at the same time while cycling but it would draw a few comments!

I did see these early learner ones but I am a little worried I will damage it too fast. I can be a little heavy handed, also I don’t mind the extra money. I’ve been down that road for bicycle quality so learned the hard way on where that money goes before. I have to admit i’m leaning towards the Nimbus II now and from all the fantastic advice here treat myself to a 29" once I am settled and confident with it as a nice reward :slight_smile: and by that stage I should be far more knowledgeable on everything and worry about brakes and all sorts of stuff later!

I would recommend a 20" (Nimbus or club) to learn on, and then get a larger one for commuting. I do a 2 km commute with a 26" and it works well. The 20" is a great size to learn new skills with, and so it is nice to own one later even if you are not using it to commute.


A 24x3 would be an excellent size for your requirements- will easily cover 2km and, is small emough that it won’t be too intimidating to learn on.

Another good idea would be to get a cheap/used 20" to learn on, possibly a 24", then upgrade to something a bit bigger when you know you want to continue.

Thank’s all. If you know any decent 2nd hand resources or had one available (UK) 20" or 24" i’d be very interested. I’ve checked gumtree and preloved and even ebay but they appear to be aimed and child sizes (which I will break im sure)

If not, not worries! I shall re-post once I pick one up :slight_smile:

Got it!

So I have now purchased and assembled the Nimbus II, amazing build and top quality. pictures of course and thanks for all the advice so far! Currently I can get on it and idle and spend a few seconds on my mine. Pedalling however… not so much! but not spend much time on it yet!

Looks pretty. Let us know how it goes.

Which size did you eventually get?
I have the Nimbus II 20". Good strong uni. :slight_smile:

Let us know what you think of it?

And so the fun begins. You have a month or two of amazing achievement and ball aching frustration ahead of you.
Remember, just keep getting back on :slight_smile:


joggerdude: i went for the 24" in the end so when I am good enough the commute will be comfortable. If I get good enough ill invest in a 29" after that

Otherwise I am slowly getting a feel for the balance. It’s such a huge learning curve, watching videos after sitting on one now I really do appreciate how much skill is involved in just staying on it and pedalling. Once I am on it and stable it’s a really great feeling! I just can’t wait to be using it day to day!

Yes, there is nothing quite like the feeling of balancing on the cycle. I still find it fun after all these years. Wait until you can turn smoothly. Then the fun really begins.