FIRST Uni Commute

I live roughly 2.6 miles away from work…most of which is all down hill. It usually takes me 10min. to ride in on bike. This morning I wanted to prove to myself that I could ride my 20" trials uni into work on the same route. What I figured is that this uni is still faster than walking, perhaps keeping the speed of a slow jog.

So I raised my seat to roughly longneck height and took off. I got a laugh from some chicks in a Jeep stopped at a stop light ( :frowning: ) and meet up with a female jogger at a stop light. After a short convo she started ahead of me down a 3/4 mile hill. I ended passing her after hauling serious ass and she never caught up. Todays ride took me 27;59.1 min. to ride into work…and I’m not feel’n too bad.

Think I can shave off more time if I get a 29er? :smiley:

PS: sorry for the lame details, but man am I super stoked about this! Think I’ll stick to my bike till I can afford a 29er.

Nice job on the commute. If your goal is to get from A-B as quickly as possible a larger wheel will definitely make a difference. I have one destination that is 1.25 miles each way with a short off-road section that I’ve ridden on a 26", 29", and 36". The off-road section has a short very steep hill that I’ve yet to make it up on the 36" but even walking that part the 36" gets me there quicker.

On a 20"? That’s awesome! And I thought 2.5 miles on a 24 was hard. Don’t worry about the Jeep chicks, secretly they admire and respect you. I can always hear it through their laughter!

LOL! Now I HAVE to get a shirt that says, “my uni is a chick magnet”! :smiley:

How long did the uphill ride home take?

My city is pretty flat and my Muni w/ a road tire takes ~ twice as long as my mtb.

You definately want to get a bigger wheel, you just have to decide wheather to get a 29 or 36. A 29 is more versitile and portable (cars, planes, etc) and a 36 is faster. Also before getting that uni you want to consider if you want to go geared, then or at some later point, if so get a KH (and look at the many threads comparing G24, G26, G29, and G36).

Very cool, I bet the chicks will be looking for you tomarrow. Keep it up

Hmm, ooooh teh bigger wheel…how I long for your speed, eh! I don’t know why but I seriously have had my eyes on a 29er for sometime, just waiting for them to go on sale. Now a geared 29er would be something else…are they hard to opperate? I’ve seen videos of people hauling tail on geared 29er…pretty impressive stuff! Guess I’ll have to look at the wheel to crank ratio chart to figure out what length crank arms i’ll need for the commute.

I know wheel and crank arm play a HUGE roll, but do you all find it harder/easier to ride up hill? What about down hill?

Thanks for all the responses!

Great work :smiley:

I still remember my very first commute - not easy!

First commute is a bit rough, nice job completing it! Comments you’ll get used to. Eventually I just tuned them out except for the really friendly or rare novel one. When I started I couldn’t free mount, now 1000 km, later my skills are WAY better.

My commute is 1.9 miles fairly flat. I actually made it a bit longer to avoid heavier traffic. I use a 24 + 2.6 inch tire. Bigger wheel is worth it as long as you’re able to maintain control around busier places. If you’re gutsy (or certifiable) you may find yourself commuting in the winter too. :smiley:

Keep it up!

+1. Riding a unicycle for the first time in front of your nonriding peers is really difficult! (A little like spazzing out in front of your family in Idioterne (a horrible movie; do not watch).)

Pretty much. I caught on faster than my wife so when I was riding around she was standing on the side lines watching…laughing because I “look so funny riding one wheel”. It really bugs me when people ask if I’m going to join the circus or not…and when asked why I’m riding a unicycle I just tell them, “BECAUSE I CAN!”

Uphill is way harder. I still am not verry good at uphill.

Downhill is a bit harder than flat and can be challenging if it’s steep and technical enough. After I learned to ride flat and various road terrains the only downhills I find challenging are on Muni trails.

Check out the replies by non riders thread. That will give you lots of ideas for combacks to “Where’s the other wheel?” and other similar comments.

I think I hear some form of circus comment once a week, be it the tune, or be it a comment of joining the circus. As I expect it it becomes meaningless although sometimes I’ll bow, or do something not circus like (suddenly go offroad). You’ll find a response that works. :smiley:

Uphill is tough. Free mounting uphill is still a little tricky. Just takes practice and getting used to the amount of forward lean for the hill.

Got stranded in the city outskirts around 3AM a couple of days ago and only had the KH20 with me. Had to ride 8km on it. Never again.

Ouch! 8km on a 20in is a long distance to go.

You should have been carrying at least a 24". What were you thinking? :sunglasses:


I wasn’t planning on getting stranded. I normally take a 26" for that kind of stuff.