First try on quality unicycles!

Over the weekend, Unidaddy came to where I live and brought his Coker and '05 KH Freeride so we could go for a ride. First, I never imagined how big the Coker wheel actually is. I’ve seen plenty of photos, but they never seemed to do it justice when I saw one in person. What a tremendous wheel! Bob (Unidaddy) gave a demo of it and cruised up and down the parking lot at great speed and then it was my turn. It took me a few over-thought attempts to finally get on it, while holding onto a signpost. What a wonder when I got it rolling. Really an amazing machine!

The KH was so impressive too. Like the Coker wheel, I never imagined how thick a 3" tire actually looks. That felt so nice to ride on, especially with the KH Fusion seat. My Torker LX is not feeling so spiffy anymore, but that’s fine. It’s time for advancement. I may have to shell out some bucks for a KH, or maybe I’ll just go for an Onza 24" MUni.

Anyways, thanks to Unidaddy for letting me experience some really awesome unicycles. Photos really don’t do those babies justice.

P.S. Bravo on the symphony performance!

Re: First try on quality unicycles!

What a fantastic expression!

When I took my Coker out of the box, I swore out loud and wondered what the hell I’d bought. They never look as big in photographs.