First Trials Obstacle Built!

With the help of Andrew Carters great instructions:
I have finally built my first trials obstacle, a Sandwich Board. It is rather small but I really enjoy riding on it and will be building another one soon. I would post a picture but we dont have a digital camera, so i guess that wont be happening. Im not really sure of the point of telling everyone this, just thought you might like to know, I am know in the world of trials.

Excellent! Where did you find your materials? How much did the hinges cost you? Have you had a play around on it yet? You have to make at least one more…then you’ll be able to gap between them and realise the true beauty of sandwich boards. :slight_smile: I’m glad the instructions were helpful…did I miss any important information?


I actually got all of my materials free. well we allready had them, we have heaps of bits of wood lying around, and a box full of big hinges. So i just looked around, got what i needed and went for it. The instructions were great also, very clear.

I agree; i used those instructions about 3 weeks ago to make four or five sandwich boards. Now i’ll be totally prepared once my kh24 comes. thanks, andrew!


hey i too copyed his plans for the first sandwhich board but for the second i wounderd if it would be better without the hinge*. So the second is the same exept its glued and nailed at the top. I think it makes the overall thing stonger but has its downsideds when it comes to transporting them.

second Sandwich Board Made

Well today, after having my first haircut in 7 months, I built my second sandwich board.
It is alot larger then my first one (my first is about 20cm high and my second 30somethingcm) I’m really happy with the way it went, it looks very profesional.
I now have two sandwich boards and I’m think about where to go from here. My two boards are really different sizes, should i build another the same size as my small one so i have two the same size? What do you recommend? Do i need two the same size or what?
Feedback appreciated.

Here are some props I built last weekend from scrap wood: teeter-totters, jump ramps and a sandwich board.

For the sandwich board, my design is different from Andrew’s in that I put the planks on the outside rather than the inside. I drilled holes in the board of such a diameter that the screws go easily through them and they only screw tight in the planks. So the screws secure the hinges and at the same time they hold the boards and the planks together. That way, the making is somewhat simpler and the thing folds smaller. On the other hand, it would somewhat more easily collapse under sideload.

What do you folks think of that design?

Klaas Bil


I’d suggest making another that’s the same size as one of the two you already have. That way you can run planks and round rails between them or set them up end to end to ride along (all Kris Holm’s ideas).

I think both styles have their advantages. I changed from having the planks on the outside to having them on the inside after Kris suggested that they look nicer and also more challenging that way (which I do agree with). He also pointed out that having the boards on the outside helps if you want to do pedal grabs on them. I like how the other method folds together nicer. I also like your idea of having the screws join the hinges, planks, and boards together all at once.

I’m glad the instructions have helped people. I’ll add some of these variations before sending the instructions to Peter to put up at (currently


Thanks for that Klass, I like the way having the boards on the outside would make it fold away more easily, I was confused by Andrew’s comment that having the boards on the inside makes it harder to ride, isn’t it exactly the same size?
I think I will now make another small snadwich board. I have been practising hopping from one sandwich board to another this afternoon, and im loving my new sandwich boards, they’re really handy! But yeah i think it is now best to have another small one so i can hop from a small one up to the big one and down again etc. Also do the same with a rail to ride on. Who knows maybe i’ll make another two?

I said they appear more difficult (to spectators) with the planks on the inside. So they would possibly be better at trials demos, etc. I realise they’re exactly the same in width.


Re: First Trials Obstacle Built!

On Thu, 20 May 2004 02:34:51 -0500, “andrew_carter” wrote:

>He also pointed out that having the boards on the outside
>helps if you want to do pedal grabs on them.

Why? I think one could easily pedal grab on the planks, maybe even
better because they are further out and hence closer to where you can
have your tyre on the ground.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

You’d have to ask Kris. I’ve never tried pedal grabs on sandwich boards.


Third Sandwich Board Built

I am now the proud owner of three homemade sandwich boards. I made another one this morning, its the same size as the small one i have. I now have:
2xsmall sandwich board
1xlarge sandwich board
What do you think? I havn’t rideen them all together yet but i think i’ll love it.
What the next best Trials Obstacle to build?

Excellent! The order you build them in of course depends on what styles of trials you like. I built a sandwich board first because I had a photo to work on. Then I built some more sandwich boards, the drew up plans for and built the practise rails, then the hopping post, then the gapping bars.

The gapping bars are similar to sandwich boards, but the landing surface is about half the width and it’s flat so it doesn’t catch the tyre like a sandwich board does. I’ll have to make instructions for them soon. I might do that now actually.

By the way, I’ve made a new album at that I’m putting all the video content of the site in. I’ve named the items roughly like I think they should be named on the site, but like I said, maybe we could split it into columns. I just made an idling video tutorial…it’s up there now along with the high res version of the giraffe one.


Built my first sandwichboard

Hey Guys,

Today, i built together with my father my first little sandwichboard. I uploadet some photos, check it out:

It was a bit wet outside and i already tried it out, thats why it is dirty. I can jump around on it, it’s really fun! Thanks for the tutorial, andrew.


That’s great. I’m really intersted in seeing how well that type of hinge holds out. Please let me know. You may want to consider opening it up a little more if you plan on jumping onto it from any distance, I don’t know.

They’re fun hey!