First trials cycle...consolidating info, deciphering bull****

So I am on the market for a trials cycle. I am fairly new, well, quite new. I learned on an old 20" cycle and just picked up an early generation 24" Mountain cycle from a good friend (I mean real old, 12years, great cycle though).

I want to get my own 20" trials cycle though. I have read through a lot of information and compared prices but being new, a lot of aspects of comparison mean very little to me. I want to get the best bang for my buck (which is limited) so I present the question…

First a newb question: Street vs Trials, whats the difference?

Next, on uni’s, it seems like a lot of people are saying the Nimbus 20" with the 137 moments while others are highly recommending the Torker DX 2010, however it seems there is less enthusiasm for this over the first.

Those are the two I have seen most discussed in my price range ($250-350)

Any input is welcomed, trying to make a decision quick, anxious to get something I can start better learning on, this Muni is too big and heavy for what I am really interested in…

Trials: Basically, going over and off of obstacles.

Street: Doing tricks, such as grinds and crankflips, in an urban environment.

You definitely want to go for the Nimbus with 137 or 125mm moments. It’s a better ride that will last you for longer.:smiley:

yes, Id second the nimbus

The nimbus is lighter and more compatible with other unicycles so parts are easier to get.

The Nimbus is a tried and true unicycle. Very solid and great value for the money.

The 2010 Torker is very new and we really don’t know that much about it, especially what kind of abuse it can take. Who knows, it might be better but at this point I would go for the Nimbus.


This is very true for the older DX but it may not be the case with the ISIS hub and new frame.

saying that the Nimbus is very easily upgradable.

+1 for the Nimbus. They are cooler, lighter, and with Kris Holm Moment cranks that unicycle is a beast. I think Torkers are a little bit cheaper but the Nimbus defenetly worth the extra money.