First Trail Ride

I have been riding now for about 2 months and finally got to ride over to the local woods we have in town to try out some muni. My wife was on a Mountain Bike and stopped to take photos and some video and just put together some footage of decent sections.

This was the first time out for me and it was pretty fun. It is definitely better than just riding around on the sidewalks. The woods are only about 2 miles from our house so I will definitely get back over there to practice and get better. There were some sections I thought I wasn’t able to do but I got through them pretty well.

Here is the video link if anyone is interested.

No bad at all! Looks like a great place to ride on a big fast wheel.

Yeah I am riding a Nimbus Drak 29er. The woods are part of the seminary grounds so they are pretty calm to ride through not many people are in them and there are some very interesting sections of the trail that I want to be able to ride through without any UPDs.

It is the only wooded area right inside the city so it is pretty easy to get to without having to drive 20 to 30min outside of the city.

There is something very satisfying about riding mUni. I hope you make it back to the forest, soon. In the meantime, anything, a dirt field, an abandoned lot, can be used to work on your mUni skills. I am fortunate to live in the midst of mUni trails, so I don’t have to put the mUni in the car to take a ride. If I had to do that, my car would really smell bad! Just curious, what length cranks are you running on the 29"?

Keep riding!

I am running dual hole cranks 125/150. I have them in the 125 holes right now since I have good control of the Uni with the 125s. I did use the 150s at first when I first started riding the 29er but I didn’t really like it much and it just felt way to long.

150s for technical trails

If you’re doing fine with 125s then great, but on a 29" 150mm is generally better for trails as you have much more control and can do steeper uphills. I am presently riding a 29er with 125/150 duals and I use the 125s for road and the 150s for technical trails. Even on my 24" I use 150s for technical trails. I’d really recommend giving the 150s a go for 29 trails, unless the trails are totally easy and non-technical, but then I’d recommend finding some more challenging trails and trying the 150s.

I will definitely give it a go with the 150s when we go to some more technical trails in a few weeks. The ones by us aren’t that technical but good for something to ride in to get the feel of it all.

All the times I have ridden with the 150s I did notice more control but not much for me even on the steeper hills we have and with the 125s I have been able to ride even more hills than I could with the 150s and control myself better on the downhills.