First timer, overweight, want to find a uni

This will be the biggest thing and the hardest for me to remember. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Would you have a recommendation for a cheaper beginners’ uni that will support me? I was looking at the Torker LX and CX models, but they’re so cheap, so idk. I would think the main thing that matters is the tire, no?

As I wrote:

As I wrote:

J, I support your your plan to use this as a form of excercise, I have had my Nimbus 24 for 6 months and I have lost 35 lbs as a newbie. (6’ tall and 235) I am still eating things I should not but Unicycling is such a challenge that gives your goals to achieve and small progress, that makes you feel very gratified.

Make sure you always wear your protective gear and don’t give up, just stay close to the forum and all the support you need is here.

I have a great riding partner that is very experienced with lots of patience.

People think we are CRAZY on our home hill, but the Mountain bikers think we are Kings.

Nimbus are very strong, Mine is holding up fine.


I think this is the one Greg is talking about: 24" Trainer on UDC

My inclination is also to say get a cheapo uni at first. That’s what I did, but I’m only about 150 lbs so I’m not sure if that’s the best advice for you. I started dropping a bunch of real money on unicycles after I figured out how to ride.

Hmm. I think I’ll go with the Torker DX (It’s only like $20 more than the training one mentioned above). Then I can just get new parts for it after time, if I ever need to upgrade. Thanks for all the help guys. I really do appreciate it. Now I need to find some protection gear. Do you know of any popular retailers that sell reputable gear? I would imagine that any store that sells sports gear would have them, no? It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done anything I needed pads for.

Harper is a smart guy.

A Nimbus II of a Torker DX would be good long term investments but any learner would do for the basics.

Personally I would grab that used DX. Used is almost always better value than new (unless it’s trashed, but it sounds like it is in good nick).

Done and done. Picked up that DX. Got it for $180 and it comes with the stand. Now I need to pick up some protection gear and I’ll be good to go for the new year!

It’s the biggest tip I can give people trying to learn. I believe that learning to ride unicycle is less of a physical learning process, and more of a mental one. Your mind has to wrap itself around the concept that you’re not balancing on top of it, as you’ve probably thought since the first time you saw someone ride one.

I had one friend who had never ridden a uni before. He asked to play around with my learner, so I watched him for a few minutes and he did finally learn how to mount, but he couldn’t go anywhere. Once I told him to concentrate on regulating the speed of the wheel he almost instantly was riding off and around!

Some people will always pick it up quicker though, he was a VERY fast learner. Just try to keep the idea in your head as you’re making attempts.

Sure thing! I like learning new things, and I’m actually taking this on just after learning how to juggle (I probably will never do both at the same time). After this, it’s either antique watch repair or biking. I want to build a nice bike. :slight_smile:

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Let us know how you get on with your uni riding. Have you read this thread
There are loads of super tips in there and some great stories.

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