First time riding on a stage


So I finish school this Friday. On the last day we have an assembly. They give out awards, etc.

So I am getting an award for the “Most unusual way to get to school” (or similar, can’t remember the actual name).

Anyway, I’ve been asked to come up on stage, get on my unicycle and ride around the stage or something.

I’ve never rode in front of people before on a stage before. Also I hate going up on stage and avoid doing it. I’m kinda worried of not being able to free mount or falling off.

Anyone got any tips on how to ride on a stage?

I pretty much have to go on my 29er for this. My 20" is broken, and won’t be able to get it fixed by then. I’m going to put my 150mm cranks on it, as I find it’s easier to free mount and idle with them.

Thanks in advanced.

Stages can be intimidating even if you’re used to them. I did a juggling gig with a friend on stage and raced a few young kids (on foot) on my unicycle. I wasn’t worried about the mount so much, but it’s just a lot of eyes.

Try to figure out if there’s going to be carpet on the stage (bad) and assume that there are going to be bright lights right in your eyes. You could simply say you aren’t really comfortable with it, or suggest that the stage is a little tight and maybe you can just ride up to the stage down an aisle or something.

good on ya for commuting to school on it. :slight_smile: You’ll find the unicycle to be an excellent college campus cruiser to get to class on, and the 29er isn’t too too conspicuous in a classroom. I rode the 36er around and didn’t want to lock it up… it drew a lot of eyes.

It’s really easy for people to assume that if you unicycle/juggle that you’re willing to perform it. It’s a trap people try to get me in quite often. I’ve had countless people who want me for their kid’s birthday or a free gig for whatever. I usually turn them down. I’m not a performer, I treat it as a sport and a hobby. Performers are totally different. Only you can decide what you’re comfy with doing in front of people, and don’t let people pressure you into doing more than you’re comfy with.

Sounds like they’re not expecting a performance, people just want to see you ride the thing. Expectations are very low. Even if it takes you a couple of tries to get started, you’re still ending by doing something hardly any of them can.

A stage can be a pretty small space, especially if it’s full of stuff or people. Expect to not have a lot of room. You can’t ride it in a circle, for example, if they haven’t left you enough space for that, so don’t feel like you have to. Just do what you can. Can you ride down stairs or jump off the stage? Those will go over big, but only if you’re confident doing them. Unless they tell you not to. If they don’t tell you not to, it’s up to you to decide to take the initiative and just do it. :slight_smile:

A 29" wheel is a little big in small spaces as well. You can practice by riding on crowded sidewalks, if available, or just around a parking lot with lots of cars in it. Practice getting on and off between the cars, without touching any.

Last but not least, don’t take it too seriously. Nobody else will. Have fun!

+1 on the previous comments.
Something to keep in mind – you will be intent on nailing the freemount, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t. If you miss it, it let’s the audience know that it’s not easy! Then when you do land it, they’ll be even more impressed.
So just relax and try to have fun.
Cheers! (And post a picture! Someone’s bound to be taking pictures!)

How about mounting off stage then ride on to it to get your award? Congrats on the award!!