First time out!

I just took my 16" torker out for the first time. Theres a place that has a sidewalk by a building. I was going uphill a touch. I would go downhill but my right arm is weak still from being broken and I do better with the security of the wall for starting out. The furthest I went today was 12 feet. :smiley:

When I went away from the building I would get scared and fall even though I barely was using the wall at all. I tried leaving from my car and only got 5 feet that way lol. Wow this was fun! Mostly the problem was I just got too excited/scared and would jump off. Plus everyone would come out to watch me and I would get nervous. :o I guess once I get it I’ll get a 20" because the tiny cranks make for choppy strokes and when I push hard its harder to keep the movement fluid. But tomorrow I’ll go behind the post office and practice some. I got tired today because I skated hard for 2 hrs. this morning already lol. I guess in time I will stop getting so excited and scared? Dang this is fun!!

Since the 07 KH are gone I will get a Nimbus this spring/summer if it stays this fun. I think I"m going to get it! Since the cranks are choppy, when I got stuck I could hold and balance it so think I’m doing OK. My arm is slowly getting stronger too! :smiley: OK, yeah, I do like to uni, even if I cant do it well yet. And it looks like I got the bicycle shop job. :smiley:

Nice. Good to hear that your arm is better and you are finally got on the wheel.

have fun :slight_smile:

Glad your arms better! Have fun and don’t give up!

Sounds like you are off to a good start. Keep practicing. Which bike shop will you be working at?

I will be working at Hudson Trail, so basically a total outdoor sporting goods store. :smiley:

I think riding a uni is even more fun then watching it! I thought I’d might be frustrated given the numerous posts about that. I wasnt at all, just overly excited which made my legs shaky at times lol. I think this is because of my injury, I’m a little nervous coming back. My arm is doing OK though. I see my dr. tomorrow so hope he says its just as strong now.

I think because I taught myself how to rollerskate ramps on my own is why I find its exciting to learn rather then frustrating. It took me a month to ride the ramps and I was very frustrated and thought I’d never learn. But then I took off and was picking up tricks! I already feel at times I have the balance so now I know that its only time/practice. I hope mentally I can stop messing myself up lol. Its cold today but I’m going to practice again. I cant wait to be able to ride it all over the place!! People really find unicycling fascinating to watch. It was cool even though I didnt go far lol. MUCH more fun then a mountain bike!!

I only took on Uni for the challenge, it is sooo much fun.
Stick with it, while learning I only fell a couple times to my hands, almost always landed on my feet, and I think the falls to my hands were due to the short seat post I originally had.
Make sure you can dismount to your feet comfortably and stay within your limits while you heal and you shouldn’t have a problem.
After 3 weeks I’m riding a daily 4 mile loop on a bicycle path/ trail with ups, downs, bridges and such.

It gets more fun each day!!! :smiley:

I really dig challenges too! Otherwise its easy for me to get bored lol. I dont think I can get bored on a uni for a very long, long time, if ever!

Sounds like you learned it quick. I’m going out today. My arm is healed but I get muscle spasms now since I havent used it for 8 months lol. I see my Dr. today so hopefully if he says it looks good and all, I will relax more. I mess up because once I’m really going I get excited and scared and jump off it lol. I know lame, but if it takes me a bit to get comfortable with it, so what.

I didnt go yesterday because my muscles were spasming in my arm. I guess I shouldnt be holding onto the seat? It just helps me keep my weight on the seat.

I cant wait til I get to the point where I can bounce on the wheel. I may not get into real trials now as I dont want to break my arm ever again but may get more into flat and street. I’m glad I have a 16" to start off with because its so easy to put my feet down. I cant wait til I can go around the block. :smiley: Its really fun!

It wont take long, just practice and take it easy.
You wont make much progression if you get hurt again.

Great job, glad to hear you are enjoying the challenge of unicycling (thats my favorite part). I would think though a 16" wheel would be harder to mount than a 20" or 24" just because its so small, I could be wrong though.

For some reason, I feel the 16" might be harder because the cranks are so short but I havent tried a 20" one yet. The problems I seem to be having are 3 things. The cranks get stuck at times when perpendicular to the ground. One time I stalled and fell backwards lol. The fear is in so my hands went straight up and I hit my butt lol. So thats been the worst thing so far. Also, I seem to not stay with my weight fully in my seat as I’m going which is why I am holding onto the seat. Will I learn or should I raise the seat more? Most people seem to run it low so thought I shouldnt have it all the way up. The last thing is I freak out everytime I leave the wall hahahaha. Oh well, this will last a bit. Dr. said my arm is 90-95% healed. It takes a full year to heal 100% so I have to not go crazy for awhile. This bums me out as it looks like I will be stuck to just riding, no tricks for a bit. But even that is fun! Still, its fairly strong and mostly healed.

Oh, I rode 10 feet away from the wall!! I was stoked. Then of course I freaked out OMG I’m riding, lol. I went over 15 feet near the wall. I’m getting better but my arm fear might make this slower. Its odd, its like I’m so close and yet so far away. At times its like I have it, then I just lose it lol. Its fun for sure! It does work your muscles too! I’m loving it! I’m so glad I decided to try it out.

all the stuff you are having issues withs, the foot positions getting stuck and stalling, not putting weight down, etc. will come only with hours of riding. In a few weeks you’ll have veins growing out of the uni into you. My GF is going through the same experience now that she can free mount alone, she hasn’t quite gotten comfortable on it yet.

Just out of curiousity how tall are you? I am 6’2" and I love my 24" even though its harder to do tricks with (in my opinion). Whether its my GF’s 20" or my 24" I will set the seat at about 2-3 inches below the top of my hip bone so I get a full rotation but my legs are a bit bent in the down position (this has been my experience as a great riding position from my years on road bikes).

I will say that a 20", though slower and not as smooth for longer riding is a lot easier to hop with and stay balanced, however due to my size I really feel most comfortable (and confident)on my 24". You might want to think about a larger size if you are taller, you’ll still have the 16" to mess around with; plus the larger wheel might help you learn to ride better if its more stable.

-any other thoughts on wheel size etc?

(let me pre-meastro; yes there are a few threads on this if you use the search function :sunglasses: )

When I learnt last year, I found it better to have my seat as high as possible (to the limit of still reaching the pedals comfortably), as it was a good reminder to keep my weight on the seat and not the pedals. But either way, it’ll come with time and practice.
Now that I’m more comfortable in my riding, I still keep my seat very high for distance riding, but lower the seat on more technical terrain, or when hopping.

I’m barely 5’1", so thats why I figured a cheapo 16" uni off craigslist would be OK to start with. I am not sure exactly which direction I will go yet. At first I thought trials, but big drops make me worry I could break my arm again. So now thinking it will be a cross between street and flat. So probably will get the nimbus 20" trials with 125mm cranks one day soon. I’m waiting til I can do all I can do on the cheap one and am comfortable with it.

Glad to know its just practice. I think I rise out of the seat because as I’m going, I lean forward and start to stand up. Its only about 2" down from full extension, so guess I’ll just practice. Thanks for the feedback. I’m used to riding a bike and its different! The fact that for short periods I get it and am riding helps that I can do it. Should I try to practice without holding onto the seat or is that OK? It just helps me to stay in it. I guess all these years of the mountain bike, I’m so used to standing up and jamming down on the pedals lol. :stuck_out_tongue: I am not sure why more people dont uni. Its MUCH more fun then a bicycle. But I guess most dont have patience.

I’m just dying to bounce up and down on it. I know that sounds lame/simple but I’m sure I’ll get off on it lol. I love skating but I cant bounce on my skates.

What helped me put my weight down was to ride and try to lift my feet off the pedals. I then realized how much standing I was doing. With that I was able to put more on the seat and the pedals seemed to work themselves effortlessly. Another coming beginner mistake would be to put pressure backwards actually breaking, you probably don’t realize your doing it because it’s helping you balance. It took me a while to kick that, sounds like your doing great though.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a try. This forum is great for hints starting out as its very different from the bike. Looks like time and practice and I’ll have it now. :smiley: Now what to do with the rain/snow/cold tomorrow lol. I wish there were an indoor place to practice as its kinda addicting since I make progress each time. But in a few weeks the weather will start warming up permanently.

If you are stuck inside get next to the couch and practice idling and balancing on the pedals, you need to build your new muscles as much as you can.

Youre not kidding on the muscle thing! Even doing little, my legs get worked out better then the bike.

I used to live in a high rise, man that would be great as it had a huge basement with nice wide hallways. Now I live in a garden apt so no hallways for me. But I’ll practice everyday, even if its only 15 mins. They said rain, wind, snow, cold all week. I’m pi$$ed lol.

I thought about my college gym but they would so throw me out as there are even signs, no throwing the football. :angry: They are pretty strict nowadays.

Lol, no throwing a football? Them darn kids and their fuseball messing up my nice floors grumble

I guess I can ask the weight training supervisor lol. But you know, the “pretty” floors. Its a total slush storm out there so probably better go to the gym soon anyways. Guess I’ll see if I can balance and rock back and forth today.

So now that you learnt how to ride, what do you plan on trying to get into on the uni? I’m holding off getting a better uni as long as I can as I dont want to change my mind and have to get a totally different set up.

I can’t wait for spring, my Uni has a hybrid tire that looks good for some easy trails, but mostly I just want to do street riding. I’ll get more of a kick enjoying a ride around town jumping on and off stuff and finding challenging places to pick up new skills. The first time I was on a sidewalk brought a ton of new challenges (thats the whole reason I love my uni).