First time on BC wheel.

So, I got my BC plates through the post earlier, and seeing as I was due up at the youth centre for teaching unicycling, figured I’d take the BC wheel up to try it out. Apart from the tyre burn, due to a fantasticly inconvenient placed hole in my shin pads, it was great fun.

   There were a few kids game for a laugh with the BC, so it turned into a contest to see who could go furthest on it before bailing or crashing. Most weren't getting anywhere on it, but me and one of the kids were getting about 20ft average. The kid who was as good as me, loved the BC, and is now set about getting one. Gonna be a BBQ Sunday at the beach, so i'm bunging a Max Daddy on the BC, and taking it out on the sandbanks for crashes and learning to jump on it while it's rolling.

Unicycling was cool too, I can 180 uni-spin, so I figured I’d go for 360 uni-spins today. Pedal bit me, as I had turned my shin pads to protect from the tyre burn, and forgot to turn them back for unicycling. I’m now managing 1 in 5 attempts.

So yeah, I’m quite happy with today, and just thought i’d tell people.


Cool, BCs are so amazingly cool! I may make one one day. Untill then I will Imagine it. Congrats on the 360 unispins as well.

Lol, not quite the same though, lol. I’d say it’s well worth getting a set of plates. Cheers RE: unispins.


I know, I tried with pegs, its imposible. I just need to find some suitable metal and it will be into the forge for shaping! (oh its good having almost every tool i need)

Yeah, I still got loads of tools from when I was a tyre fitter / trainee mechanic.