First time on a coker......

I got a chance to ride a coker today for the first time. I was able to freemount and get going pretty well. That thing was Intense!!! I felt like the coker was just pulling me along for the ride half the time!! going uphill was a joke, but it was my first time.

The speed was another factor That made this thing cool. I had a friend on a 29er next to me and he was having a hard time keeping up. I’m not sure if I am going to make this transition but I am definitely giving it thought.

Dooo iiiit. I’ve owned one for a couple weeks now, and even though the comments are a bit harsher and it’s a bit of a learning curve, they are so fun!

once you have tried one you are stuck. It will be there in the back of your mind until you get one.

This is why I have never tried a geared hub.

I tried a geared hub… I want one… too expensive…

I haven’t tried a geared hub and I want one. If only I had money…

I would want a geared hub one too. but they are too expensive. :astonished:


Know thyself. :slight_smile:

I had a shiny KH Schlumpf geared hub and then sold it. I might be the only one. If high speeds or road riding on a unicycle are priorities for you, then you must save up and get one.

Although, there are down sides besides the price. They require considerable careful maintenance, and removing a broken one from the wheel and shipping it to Switzerland is timely and not that cheap.

Also, high gear and low gear are different enough that you really have to ride on quite diverse terrain to use both gears for a significant amount of time on a single ride–granted, there is no singlespeed substitute for high gear 36er-ing. For offroad, I prefer to just take the biggest singlespeed wheel that will be fun for the terrain. For road riding, I generally avoid doing it for longer than I want to sit on my 36er… or I take a bike! :wink:

If only I had know THAT before you tempted me with your own Coker-y goodness.

To the OP: You will get a 36. Once the bug has bitten, it’s only a matter of time.

I am really curious about the schlumpf hub but it really is quite expensive. I like unicycling because it is a fairly inexpensive sport to start. You can buy a very good quality uni for a $300-400. When I want to upgrade, I can set aside some money when i can and afford a new uni in reasonable amount of time.
If i wanted a Schlumpf… I’d have to put it on a KH 36 :D:p and then I would be looking a uni that costs thousands. My wife just doesn’t love me that much! ;):stuck_out_tongue:
I think a 36 is a natural progression if you like to ride on the road. My 29er, which seemed huge to start, now seems small…time to start saving!