First time on 36 in unicycle

My wife bought me a 36 in Nightrider…I also own a 29er. Observations…Will I ever be able to freemount this beast…A lot smoother ride and a lot faster. Easier and more time to correct mistakes but once you come off you better make sure you have protective equipment on. I use my 29er to ride on the college campus I work at but am definitely not ready do do that with the 36 in. I did not get a brake but went down some hills and did not have any problems.
Mike A.

That’s a pretty nice wife you got there madams.

Would like to have a 36" myself sometime but i don’t think that our town has the right infrastructure (bike lanes etc.) to be a happy 36" rider. Using the short sidewalks 20" and 24" may be acceptable (as long as you can hop up curbs), 26" can be used for gravel and footpath, but for a 36" you’d either need better roads or more bike lanes in and around town (Gee, how do i miss the netherlands)



true, true to what you said. I have a rail trail that is 100 yds from my office. Real nice.