First time in South Africa - Unicycle Team enters MTB race.

I think I’m correct in saying its the first time.

The guys from Team Oddwheel competed in the Subaru Sabie Classic yesterday.

I’ll let them post their own race reports.
I just took a drive up to go see them finish and got a lovely snippet of video of Alan finishing a couple of minutes behind the other two riders.

I called out to him as he rode past and probably put him off his stride, resulting in a UPD as he entered the final straight, 50m from the finishing line.
Despite having 40km of pretty nasty technical riding in his legs,

Send congrats to those guys; that is wonderful! I’m always inspired by seeing other unicyclists taking part in traditionally MTB events. That’s great! I’m hoping to be the “first” unicyclist entered in probably the largest MTB race in my home state of Alabama ( If you’re fit enough to do I think more offroad unicyclists should give their local races a shot; just ask the Race Directors. You might be suprised at the answer (worst they can say is no,which a few have btw); but most likely they’d be thrilled to have something “unusual” at there event. Luckily the MTB event I’m doing is on a route I know fairly well and is only technical in a few spots (really pretty easy) and at only 17 1/2 miles won’t take too long.

That’s excellent! Way to go.

So, with no idea what to expect, my feelings about the ride were calm and naive. A few km’s into the 20km hill-climb I realized that this was gonna be one tough ride. Blazing sun, thousands of 2wheelers, and tough terrain.
Apparently there were amazing forest views… pretty girls… I only saw dirt, rocks, sand and pebbles, sometimes really close up!

Halfway, I was wondering why I was there. By the end of it I realized that with a bit more training, it would be much more enjoyable.
Big thanks and respect to the Oddwheel Team!

Team Oddwheel is doing so much to showcase unicycling in SA. Keep it up guys!

Time to start telling us about your plans for the Argus perhaps?

1 guy has entered the Argus this year (jogglingflurpy). He has been doing a lot of training. we wish him all the best! I would certainly join him if I had a 36er. I have very little chance of buying one with my current income and expenditure porfile. I’ve been thinking (ie: procrastinating) about finding a sponsor, but I need to get my act together.

3 of us have entered the Argus MTB challenge for this coming weekend. It is only 26km though.

We’re getting there slowly :slight_smile: This weekend’s Argus MTB Challenge will be the 3rd MTB race that we will have done, after the Stellenbosch MTB Challenge, and Die Burger Cycle Tour MTB race towards the end of last year.

Looking forward to it, it should be a good race. Just worried about the heat on the day. We did a MTB funride in Durbanville earlier in the year and I really paid tax with the heat.