First time in a long time!!!

Hello unicyclist community! It’s been over 13 years since I posted or even rode a unicycle. Well after all those years a friend of mine called and said he’s had my uni sitting in a shed for the past years. Long story short, it was a happy reunion and I put a new tube in it then started to ride! Just jumped up on a table and superisingly I made it with no issues. I just wanted to get back in touch with some of the community and possibly join in some events. Hope all is well with all my old friends!


Welcome back Zack! Where are you now? Last we saw you was the Auburn Criterium race in May 2011. I think at that point you hadn’t been riding much, and you borrowed my Coker for the race. The next time I rode that one, was after my Schlumpf 36" broke at mile 76 on my Century ride, and I had to return home and take the old Coker apart to reset it back to my size. :slight_smile:

Hope you are doing great, and if you’re still in the area, let’s get some rides together!

Here’s a classic Zack Baldwin pic (that doesn’t involve a dumpster):


I started riding in 2013 and even I know the name Zack Baldwin. Welcome back. Much of the urban scene has migrated to urban Unicycle chat group on Facebook

Hey Mr John Foss! That was the last time I road with anyone and what a blast that was. It was such a pleasure seeing you Nathan and the rest of the gang. I’m living in penn valley ca and my job consumes most of my time. Id like to get your phone number and maybe we could set a date up to meet! I have a little video I’d like to post but can’t figure out how to post from my phone. Hell, I couldn’t even figure out how to edit my user name seeing’s I missspelled it!!! Lol :sunglasses:

Whoa! Welcome back sir! :smiley:

Happy to hear from you, you inspired me alot in my first years, hope we get to meet and ride someday :slight_smile:

It seems your reputation precedes you.

Maybe everyone’s just watched Defect!

Sorry, haven’t been on here in days! johnfoss at unicycling dot com. :slight_smile: