First time I ever heard this comment

I was riding home from work yesterday when I passed by a couple of boys that couldn’t have been more than about 4 years old. As I rode by one of the boys turned to the other and said:

“Whoa!, did you see that guy? He only had one handlebar!”


kids get confused…


That’s a funny one, Michael. They’re almost always more creative that the adults. How are your kids coming along with their riding?

Thanks for asking.

James(9) and Sara(7) are still riding occasionally. Kyle(5) is still learning. Megan just turned one this week so it’s time to get her started. Thanks to Steve Howard I have just the uni for her.

Since NAUCC 2004 the kids haven’t really practiced much. I had really hoped to be able to go to Ohio (Sara especially wanted to visit Brooke) but we were unable to make it.

And I’ve almost stopped riding altogether except for my daily commute.