First time down at the trails...

This was my first time down at the trails, I was riding my Torker Unistar LX. It was a nice ride. I wish I had a MUni though it would have been a lot better. The torker handeled those trails becuase they were pretty easy. There are some harder ones that I might try if I ever get a MUni.

You could get a knobbyer tire that would fit it, it would make it a little easier.

I Munied on an LX like that for a long time, its not that bad.

Why did you make two threads? Did somthing not work?

yeah my computer started lagging, couldn’t figure out what was going on. Really sorry about that.

There is always something better. Once you get used to what you are riding as long as your not doing 2’ drops it will do just fine. Good suggestion to change the tyre it will make a big difference.
I road a 20" bare bones Uni in the trails for a year. Tons of rough riding but it made it. The rim was never true again, But did’nt do much to stop me.
Now I have an awsome Coker for the trails.
Everyone has to start somewhere.
Have Fun!!!


The LX has a good rim.

I did a 3 foot drop on mine, but it bent the axle.

You can have tons of fun riding trails with a “regular” uni. That’s all I had from 1979 until 1996, when I put a knobby on my Schwinn. I still did all right. A skinny, non-knobby tire just makes the same trails more of a challenge than they are with a fat knobby. Challenge is good.