First successful free mount

My riding is getting better and today I practiced free mounting. I made one, then missed one, then made another. Later I made a third one after the Broncos game was over. Previous practice sessions were pretty pathetic but this was a milestone day in my unicycle riding.:smiley:

Congratulations! You are free to ride(mount) anywhere.

Unicycles present countless challenges. May you celebrate often!

Good job

I spend last winter practicing freemounting my 29" and 36" in basement of my house.

Had no problems freemounting my 20" but the bigger diameter wheels take more confindence (for me any way).

Keep at it, it will come with practice.

very good keep it up

Which method did you use ? I started with the half pedal back method. This worked OK with the 20 and 24, but I am switching to the block the rear pedal and hop on method (no back pedaling), as that’s what everyone seems to use for the bigger wheels.

I know exactly how your “yes, I did it!”-feeling is! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
So just continue and make more progresses.

Best regards,

Congratulations! Enjoy your newfound freedom.

Sigh…not another one…

Anyways, enjoy!

I put my right foot on the pedal when it was sticking a little past bottom to the back. When I mounted, I pushed that pedal down and of course the unicycle came back just a little. My left foot went on the pedal when it was at the top and I just pushed forward.

Congrats Tulsa - I’ve still to perfect the freemount, I’ve managed a couple but of late I have been concentrating on riding straight and turning.

Freemounting practice begins next weekend!



Well done Tulsa!

It’s a great feeling when you can start to freemount. I’ve only just started to crack it in the last couple of weeks but it makes a huge difference to where you can ride.