First (stupid) injury

So there I was, unicycling back home when I come to a step in the sidewalk that I have always been able to go over. Except that this time I didn’t make it. Maybe it was the shoes I happened to be wearing today, as these tend to slip on the pedals since they have a plastic arch. Maybe it was the backpack on my back shifting my weight to the rear. Perhaps it was the four bags of groceries in my right hand tossing my weight to the side. Or it could have possibly been the umbrella in my left hand catching a gust of wind. Whatever it was, I didn’t make it over the little step in the sidewalk that I have always been able to go over, and now I have my first (stupid) unicycling injury.

To maintain the spirit of this board, I shall now post the obligatory non-cleaned-up injury photo.

P.S. Rain is stupid… =\

You may want to wait until after Halloween to clean that up. Of course you could just go out on Haloween and do it again for the fresh look.:wink:

Dude… that is awesome.

rain is the major enemy of extreme sports. also dew, i slipped on wet grass once and smashed my tailbone. coincidentally, right after i did that i cleared my first 6 stair (in total pain). anyway, that injury kept me from doing any serious riding for weeks.

Shin Guards are your friend :wink:

I was out doing my paper route once and I was holding about 30 heavy newspapers full of flyers. my weight was all to one side and I had to use both arms to keep myself upright. I couldn’t hop without using my hands (it was a little 4" curb and the lady who saw me fall must have thought I sucked). I was so sad. Stupid injuries rule.

today i also fell in a really cool way, but unfortunately no blood…there was some flying though, also no video of it because we forgot the camera…:o