First steps in flat-world

Hi everyone, I’m a complete beginner and I want to introduce myself in flat. I think the first trick I have to master is the leg wrap (am I right?).

That’s how I do it:

Freemount, stand still to sif, hoping sif and put the front foot (right foot) on crank, then try to wrap my back leg (left) counterclokewise. I can’t find any tutorial about this (maybe because is too simple) but I having problems to land it. Sometimes my crankfoot just skipped, others I can’t manage to put my back foot back to the pedal. And the few times I can complete the move then I inmediatle fall because my front foot is still in the crank and I can’t ride away (am I suppose to hop?).

Any advice is welcome (specially videos!!), and ideas for the next step in flat too :smiley: