First South American Unicycle Meet

The sport of unicycling is growing rapidly throughout South America and therefore a group of dedicated riders are organizing the First South American Unicycle Meet. This event will take place in San Juan, Argentina from October 17 to the 19, 2008. They will be doing Street, Trials, Freestyle and Muni events, demonstrations and workshops.

Here is the poster of the event!

And here are some videos of the guys from Argentina!!!

You can see more information about prices and schedule here. And you can also visit their forum at

We wish them good luck with the event and we hope that unicycling continue to grow throughout South America.


It’s a shame that I can’t go :(:(:(:(:frowning:

I can’t afford that… To close of UNICON… I hope to attend next year…

I really wish good times for you guys… Any questions about rules and this stuff I would be really happy to help since I saw everything at UNICON…

Sorry because I can’t attend… have good times!

Hi Pedro,

I’m really sorry you cannot go to the event despite being relatively close to where you live. Besides, the organizers were counting on your participation.:frowning:

Well don’t worry, you could always go next year. :smiley:

Take care!!!

I wish I could go too
But I cant afford it by the time and I think my mom wouldn’t allow me to alone, maybe next year I can go with Pedro.


That sucks… I need two months to take some money…UNICON really detroyed my pocket…

I have miles to go to Buenos Aires for free, but I’m supossed to reserve the ticket at least 2 months before the trip…

Well, I hope to help next year… Who know? maybe we can have it here… We’ll have pallets on our juggling convention, what’s a start. maybe they will make a little competition between Me, Guilherme and other Brazilian riders…

I’m really sorry… Again: any stuff that I can help… Anything, let me know…