First shots of KH/Schlumpf MUni in action

Kris send me an 15 second clip of himself riding a prototype of the upcoming KH/Schlump geared MUni.
Go to and look for thePorcRimStepsMoab clip in the open channel.

that is crazy!!
he was going good, that is amazing, i wonder how much it will cost

It will cost a bundle.
Note that in that clip, Kris is almost certainly riding in 1:1 mode. But obviously the hub is taking some abuse.

That has left me quite speechless


Even more so now. Not seen before, and have just watched the french movie Vasipaulette 2005 . The successes are just superb, and the falls are…well…not for me. I long to be good enough to fall off like that, but total cowardice will cut in well before I do any of that.


how do you watch it?


That’s already been posted here in someone’s gallery.

Still, amazing riding, I’ve never seen any footage of KH before and all I can say is WOW!

im sponsered by schlumpf i think its around2000 big one worth it though ur ijn the middle of a revolution tht will change uniing for ever (sniff)

sneak preview coker geared fastest uni in the world

I am kind of curious, how does a 12 year old from Maine get sponcored by schlumph?


well… if this hub can take as much abuse as regular kh hubs, thats honestly the coolest bit of technology to come out of unicycling.