First SCARY UPD on guni

I’ve been writing updates about my geared uni


but this afternoon, I had my first scary UPD. In fact, this was the first one where I have actually NOT landed on my feet. Luckily I was able to walk away from it, tho.

I was pedaling up a hill that was about to flatten out, so I was trying to switch up to the high gear. I clicked the button with my ankle as usual, but I may not have hit it completely. I felt it change gears, but then I felt (and heard) a clacking, like the sound that baseball cards made years ago when kids put them in the spokes of their bikes. This was probably the pins hitting the shifting mechanism and not quite engaging. Next I felt the gears complete slip as tho I had tried to shift gears again, and while the uni was in its brief glide mode, I slipped backwards, landing completely flat on my back. Luckily I was carrying a small package in one hand and holding my extension in the other, so both my elbows stayed away from the ground; my hands were at my hips when I hit the pavement. My back was very straight, and that’s why (for the first time ever) my helmet hit the ground too (albeit very softly – not enough to dent it or leave an obvious scratch). I was able to get up and continue my ride without further problems.

Florian just mentioned that his guni’s pins disengaged, causing him to have a UPD while pedaling hard up an alp. In my case (and possibly in his, too), the UPD was probably caused by the pins not fully catching into their locked position.

I think that until Florian knows more about the matter – or until I’ve had more practice shifting well – I’ll strongly consider hopping off in order to shift. After all, I rarely shift anyway (maybe 1-3 times per ride), and I’d rather ride safely than save a few seconds but risk a worse fall. I think I got really lucky this time.

It’s a great unicycle – that’s for sure. I loved riding over 18 mph without even pushing myself as I rode home later, and when I shifted back to low gear, it felt nice to ride a 29" uni once again – still pretty fast, but much easier to manouver. I still strongly recommend the uni, but I think riders need to be careful, and I’d avoid lots of hops and drops until we’ve had more info from other riders.

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Re: First SCARY UPD on guni

(1) :astonished:
(2) I too will avoid lots of hops and drops.:wink:

I don’t think you UPD’d, I think you crashed.

Yesterday, I had a UPD at modest speed on my 36/54er. I was racing a kid on a BMX bike, and I came off the front. I was (barely) able to run out of it. I’m guessing that I was going about 15mph. (just a guess, still no computer).

I refer you to an early (joky) thread I wrote once about “levels” of UPDs.

According to my own scale, mine was a category-3 UPD, tho it could easily have been a level 4 – it depends on whether a back ache shows up later. So far, so good.

I’m glad you were able to outrun your UPD. It’s going to get scary. Going “only” 15 mph on a Coker that can probably hit 25 mph is just the beginning. I can already hit 15 easily on my un-geared Coker (I’ve hit 21 with small cranks).

That’s why I mentioned that I would not have considered owning a 1.5:1 geared Coker. There is no need to ride faster than I can go already, IMHO. Good luck!

THAT is funny! Mine was an S-2

The difference between going 15 on a regular coker vs 15 on a geared coker is that you’re nowhere near your spinning limit. …it’s more easily attainable. It’s interesting though, that it really takes some effort to get going, and the main limitations are getting enough leverage to really stomp on the pedals and fear of a S-3 or higher UPD.

Regarding my UPD, I was really faster than I am comfortable with since it was really only my second time riding. Funny what happens when a kid challenges you to a race. I’ve still only had time to get maybe 3 hours of riding on it.

Are you going to Cal Muni Weekend? We can try each other’s GUni’s.

oops, duplicate.

Re: First SCARY UPD on guni

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005 17:34:08 -0500, “mscalisi” wrote:

>I don’t think you UPD’d, I think you crashed.

David Stone has originally coined the term UPD, so one should be
careful when correcting his use of it (which you were). :slight_smile:

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Re: First SCARY UPD on guni

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005 18:06:01 -0500, “David_Stone” wrote:

>I refer you to an early (joky) thread I wrote once about “levels” of

Judging from Mikefule’s first post in that thread, he has come a long
way since 2002 in his thinking about what a typical trip write-up
should look like!
Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“Unicycling is like glue: you have to stick with it, and it’s not to be sniffed at - Mikefule”

Re: Re: First SCARY UPD on guni

Re: Re: First SCARY UPD on guni

I retract my statement and profess my ignorance.

Here are some more UPD’s:

I made up all of those, too. My favorite was “Unicorn Protection Device.” You never know when that’s going to come in handy.

Every so often, I’ll be on my unicycle and will suddenly have a Utah Prairie Dog. I hate when that happens.