First ride with cycle computer

I just rode a lap around the nearby golf course (on 28"):

Time: 00:12:39
Avg spd: 7.8 MPH
Max spd: 13.2 MPH
Distance: 1.67 Miles

Some guy on his golf cart said “You shouldn’t be riding that thing on the golf course!” as I pulled off the footpath onto the course to go around two golf carts.

The chances of a 1.25" diameter ball hitting me (an object moving along the footpath at more than 5 MPH) are far less than those of a ball hitting a stationary house…and even that rarely happens.

I have to ride 2 miles to work at 4:00pm, so we’ll see how that goes, then.

cool im thinking about getting a g.p.s and a cycle computer

I picked up a set of biking/unicycling gear for $19.99 ($20, :roll_eyes: ) that included a

  • 9 Function cycle computer
  • water bottle + attatchment
  • swiss army knife/multiple sizes of allen wrenches/philips + flathead
  • bike lock (with two keys)
  • handheld tire pump

good deal!