First Ride, Trick, and Component of 2003

Well, I finally put some 170 Kooka’s on my 26" MUni to replace the old 175’s. What a difference! They sure are beefy compared to my old ones (came with my Specialized FSR)

The trails were a kind of rideable until the snow got too deep, then I turned around.

With nothing to do, and feeling shortchanged from my ride, I practiced one foot riding. I was able to get a few rotations in the other day, but nothing noteworthy.

I nailed it today though :slight_smile: I was able to go for probably around 100M and then was able to land my foot back on the pedal.

New cranks, new trick, this year is lookin’ good so far :slight_smile:

You sure have to get that leg up for one footing on a 26"r though, I’m anxious to try it on my 20

Yes, a good start to the year.

In my first ride of the year last night (indoors) I finally cracked 100 revolutions one footed riding. Not bad in a hall 9 revolutions across the diagonal!

At this rate we’ll both be able to ride with two feet soon - then we’ll really cover some distance!:smiley:

new component: Yuni frame and a tioa tire with really aggressiv treads for mud/sand and soft dirt and it runs great on the street too

First ride: as soon as i got those in the mail on the 2nd i was out riding and exploring new trails and was amazed to find a b*ke trail that was full of fun stuff like rocky hills roots mud puddles and an awesome hardcore downhill trail.

first trick: im not sure if this is a trick but just today i caught some fatty air for the fist time, ive done gaps before but nothing is as fun as blasting down a hill, hitting a slopedrock and flying off it going 15mph and getting like a foot of distance and probably a foot height(the rock was a foot tall and i landed nearly a foot away from the rock) it was perfect i went back to do it and landed it a couple more times but there was nothing like the first one) other than that my first trick was probably working on wheelwalking or something like that.

i was practicing standup skills in the hall and i managed to standup koosh koosh for about 5 scuffs.
but no new parts this year. i’m a big boy now and have to buy my own unicycle spares.
although i did get a wind up nun that walks and breaths sparks called “NUNZILLLA”
which is still giving me hours of amusement.

ooh, ooh, i got an ultimate wheel and i learned how to glide better, and i went for a 6 hour trials ride on the 2nd! it was quite fun!

And Brian- i’ll be coming down to london sometime in late january, so maybe we’ll be able to go for a ride, and i’ll also email you when we organise a good trials ride/ the snow has melted in downtown Toronto.