First "ride" on my 24"

After learning to ride and static mount on the 20" Torker that I got a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give the my 24" P.O.S Summitt a try. I slapped on a Kenda 2.1 dirt tire and hit a local jogging trail for the first time. What a difference!!! It took a good 10 trys just to successfully freemount it. Once aboard, things really started cooking! I can’t believe how much more ground you can cover on the larger wheel. The 1" longer cranks also seem to be a lot easier on the quads. I’m hoping to hit one of the trails that I usually ride my mountain bike on this weekend. I think I see a MUni purchase coming in the near future!!! Yahooooooooooo!

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve just recently upgraded to a beautiful custom muni and the extra circumference really does change things. Now I can do trials and muni as opposed to only really trials on a 20" (and little freestyle which I still do).

Have fun,