First Ride : Giraffe with 26" Wheel

I took my first ride with my new wheel on my giraffe.

I have a 6’ Savage which came with a 20" wheel.

I also wanted a cruiser so I decided to try to combine the two. I added a
26" wheel.

It is much faster now, and more forgiving.
Its not very nimble but its a smooth ride.

I think I might want to play with the gearing though.


could please expand on:

more forgiving, and less nimble?

is it harder to mount? can you bunny hop stuff now ? :slight_smile:

I agree. As Johnny 5 would say, “More input.”

I want a giraffe too. Too bad I don’t have any extra money. How can you have extra money? Wouldn’t you just spend it if it was there?

And what’s with dolphins? I mean, sure they look friendly, but that’s just to take our minds away from their plans for world domination.

I wanted to put a 26 in my giraffe, but just assumed it wouldn’t fit. Does it fit, or did you have to do something special? What did it do to the freemountability?

Oh yeah, unisteve and others. A while ago I addressed the issue of how to obtain “extra” money;

Careful on a Giraffe, Unispin, please do not disassemble Unispin

boy, I would like to see someone ride a giraffe down a flight of stairs. I’m pretty sure that would be worth a beer to me.

One time when I was at a juggle/uni club meeting, one of my friends decided to ride a giraffe. He isn’t really the most talented unicyclist. He went up a little ramp, and said he would go down the flight of two stairs. Everybody heard this and dropped all thier clubs, balls, and rings to watch.

Its really funny to see sombody jugging a 7 club cascade, and just let it fall to watch somebody like that.

In the end, he wussed out.

It would have been awesome though!

i’m just waiting for the coker giraffe muni