First ride, Advice appreciated

My thanks go out to BIG NUgly! I posted a want ad for a 36" nimbus and he replied. I picked it up today (drove from Nc to OH taking kid to school and stopped off). I tried it this evening and it was great. Not easy. Took a few tries to get going with the 125mm cranks (first for that too) but finally got the idea. Went half mile just for fun. Felt like I was flying. Mounting on the other hand was very difficult. Will take much practice to learn how to mount without assistance. Any advice for a new commuter would be appreciated. Wow! I loved the speed!!! My friends son videoed my ride on his cell and put it on youtube… so if you need a laugh… “1st rides on 36” unicycle".

  1. You could try putting some 150s on there, just to get used to riding and mounting. This might be a bit of a hassle though, if you intend to stick with the 125s but it will make you more comfortable riding it.

  2. I use what we call a “rolling mount,” but the wheel doesn’t roll during the actual mounting part. While the wheel stops, with one pedal a little below horizontal, your body keeps moving forward until you’re up and just past top dead center. Then you start pedaling away.

Repeat 1000 times and it’s a piece of cake!

Here’s my recent 36er mounting tutorial; it shows three ways to mount:

Congrats and welcome to the 36er world!

thanks for the input. I cannot wait for daughter college orientation to be done today so I can get back at it. The thousand times things sounds like a Earl Scruggs lesson on the banjo!

I’ve had my nimbus 36er for about a week. It took me about 30-45 minutes to get on it in my back yard, then another 20 in the street. The hardest part for me was to get the wheel moving once I had mounted. Watch Terry’s vid’s. The rolling mount is the easiest for me. It’s a blast once you get going.


I will try that. I got on two times on the lawn but that was it.