First real unicycle ride!

Well, here in Illinois the weather is finally suitable for a good riding outside. I learned to unicycle in late November, so I’ve never really gone on an actual ride more than a half mile or so, and I didn’t have a seat post for most of March. I’ve mostly just worked on skills in my street or rode down to the golf course near my house.
Anyway, two friends on bikes and I went for a great ride yesterday all through town. I was able to keep up with them, and I rode about 3 miles total. I did some great stuff along the way, and surprised myself at times.
First, we stopped at this huge hill behind the fire station, where my friend got big air going down it. I was able to ride down it once and it was great. There was a pillar a few feet wide at the top of the hill which I idled on (a little scary). We filmed me idling on that while my friend jumped off the hill. Very cool!
We rode through town, and I did various stuff like rode down stairs, hopped curbs, and the like. But the best was when we got to the beach! There’s this steep little path that goes down through the ravine, that was amazing. I rode down it with only dismounting once. It was pretty dangerous. We came to another downhill path that wasn’t as dangerous but still had small steps and rocks everywhere. My friend filmed me going down it and I couldn’t believe I made it the whole way down going so fast and jumping little bumps. It was the coolest thing I’ve done on a unicycle!
This summer is going to be great!

Wow! Sounds like you’re making massive progress!

Once you start ‘doing rides’, instead of just riding, then your unicycling takes on a whole new dimension.

Look forward to your first complete lap of the local park, or the lake, or of two bridges over the local river. Look forward to riding for an hour to a cafe/diner/bar for a snack and then riding back. Look forward to riding ‘clean’ those routes which are a real challenge today. 10 - 20 mile rides are easily within your grasp - and further if you’re keen. (Yes, even on a 20 or 24…)

Have fun.