first real ride on my kh/schlumpf 24"

today i did my first ride on it, about 700meters uphill (start 450m, highest point: 1140m)…and of course all the way down…and i have to say: i love my kh/schlumpf!! for uphills it’s like always but at flat parts but the big gear and there it goes… and the downhills (i use a brake, in high gear i think its necesery), its just awsome… it was singletracks and also a wider path. at the wider path i hit the 30km/h in the downhill…:smiley:

…we’ll have some nice hours together…:

cool set up, looks fun in the snow, i havt had any snow here its not fair

Well it’s better then getting no snow like it is here in Oz. :frowning:

We haven’t for the last few years… winters have just been cold and boring. At least it used to be fun when it was cold, because of the snow… but not anymore :frowning:

We have snow in excess over here. Want some? Most of us are fed up of it.

Yes, Haz, i could ship you some?:wink:

Liking the Czar lever on the HS33.

As well as the High Roller tire, makes the Unicycle look more unique rather than all these cookie cutter Duro and Nokian tire Unicycles.

I like the look of the IRC Kujo 24x3 moreso than the holy roller, but that’s just me. :smiley:

…for downhill a 3.0 is better (i’ve got two of them… wildlife and gazzaloddi)…but for xc and freeride i prefer the high roller 2.5 …it’s way better for uphills…