First real Muni

A couple of days ago I went to a place called Tubbs Hill, it is by lake Coeur’d’lene. There is a trail running up and down by these cliffs which people jump off of into the water. I was on my 24" Sun unicycle with a crappy street tire, but man did I have fun! I got to go down several hills with drop-offs. It was awesome! I really like Muni I think I was born for it. Over the course of the day I had several people tell me that I was “fu**in nuts.” Or what ammounts, I always replied with a polite “Thanks.” It was one of the best unicycling days I have ever had. I just wish that there were some more unicyclists around that knew the area and could show me a few things. I am planning on getting a KH 24" but I have to find a job to earn $500 or so dollars. Thanks for reading my ramblings…


That sounds cool! So you actually rode your unicycle into the water? Okay… LOL
I live sort of near Couer d’Alene. Well, not really. About 2-300 miles away.

Re: First real Muni

I might be mistaken, but I was thinking there are at least a couple fairly hardcore muni riders affiliated with the local juggling club. Seems like I met one or two in Portland last fall.

Maybe you already know about the club. If not, see here for more info:

I’m planning on coming to the festival weekend, so if you don’t find any riders before then, I’ll gladly go trail exploring with you.


Sounds awesome! I will see you there.


AJP529: Did you succeed in hooking up with any local riders? Will be ride some muni during the juggle fest?

Actually since I tacoed my wheel I wont be riding at all unless I am riding someone else’s. Ya I did hook up with some local riders, they are the guys that were featured in an article I posted about, unfortunetly since I dont have a uni I havnt gone riding with him. Maybe if you brought an extra uni? I know a trail that is like a five minute ride from where the festival is.