First "real" motorized unicycle?

Check this out!

With a neat video and everything!

Wow, that is really cool! I would love to have a motorunicycle someday. Wonder if he’ll try and market and sell these…

That looks pretty cool! Of course, for $1500 one could buy several human powered unicycles that are a lot more enjoyable to refuel. :wink:

That’s incredibly cool.

Yes, very cool. We need to get him to join the USA so he’ll go to the next convention. :slight_smile:

His Eunicycle was mentioned back in August but since then he’s upgraded to a Version 2 and added a better video clip to his web page.

i posted this like 2 weeks ago!.. right here on this site.

i can vouch for pk on that i specifically remeber him doing so.


I give the guy a round of a aplause but its the funniest thing I have have ever seen. ooh man its so funny lol

I think there is nothing better than a traditional unicycle. I’m sure that guy can’t even ride a real unicycle. Besides, real unicycles use energy, and you stay fit. The only cool motorized unicycles are those ones that you sit inside the wheel behind a chevy big block V-8, now thats cool. Not some wimpy little electric thing that goes like 5mph. I just think it’s a little rediculous.


I’m sure the first motorcycles didn’t go very fast either, but you obviously have an interest in them. It’s gotta start somewhere. I can’t wait til there’s eunicycle (or Bombieder embryo (sp?)) races.

He actually says in his right up that he bought a unicycle from and learned to ride it.

Funny that youa re so fast to pass judgement on someone before you even read the site. That’s pitiful.

Dylan’s right. He says he could ride right at the beginning. It’s a pretty cool idea, and I imagine it’s a bit different from normal riding.

just like you guys tell me USE THE SEARCH BUTTON!!!

Relax Evan. You are not one to go around being a forum cop, and another thing is that there has only been 1 other thread on this stuff. People usually only reccomend the search function when it’s a common thread such as hopping or “What if there were a freewheel unicycle” or “what’s an impossible wheel?”.

That’s fantastic! I think the scary thing about this whole concept (particularly the concept of faster versions of these things) is that if you ride it too close to the max speed and then lean too far forwards you’re in a whole heap of trouble! Except of course with this one as you can see in the video, you’re not going all that fast.

I think it’s utterly amazing what this guy’s managed to come up with.


It’s relevant again and worthy of a new thread because he has recently upgraded his Eunicycle to version 2 and made some other updates to his web site. It’s also incredibly cool.

are you guys JOKING?!?!?!?

this “unicycle” is pretty much self balancing!

Ok, I guess it would be fun, but I would not buy one for more than 300$ cad.

I think calling this the first “real” motorized uni is wrong, though - just check out these: (near the bottom), ,

my own design (to be built when I have some spare change) will be controlled by your foot, not a gyro, and will be electric.

Even though it is self balancing it would still require balance and control by the operator.

It would be interesting to see how difficult it would be to maintain a spin with the Eunicycle. I wonder how long the spin could be maintained and how tight the circles could be.

I also wonder how well it would idle.

Who me? Of course not… the idea has been around for quite some time now, since the 1st of April, 2000:

I gotta build one of these. :slight_smile: