first purchase

I am interested in purchasing my first unicycle.

I live on a dirt and gravel road with grassy fields. I am 5’7". In my teenage years, my father had a unicycle which I learned to ride all over the neighborhood. Now in my 40’s, I would like to begin again as a fun cross training activity with my running. I know it would increase strength.

As the first unicycle I rode was not my own, I don’t have a clue what to look for in as much as wheel and tire size and type, seat type, frame construction, etc. I’m sure there are a lot more inovations since 1970.

Thanks for your advice.

There’s lots of threads on this kind of thing, but I’d suggest you get a 26" wheel. Sounds like you want to ride some distances and it’s a good size for strength training. Check out to get some ideas. Good luck.

Firstly welcome to the forums rjlayne. :smiley:

A good one for strength training would be a 29er or coker. As these are mostly used for commuting. So these would probably build your strength up or what jmando said about a 26" will do too.

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Have fun and hoped this helped you somehow. Take care, have fun and welcome. If need any help, feel free to ask us ok. :smiley:

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wheel size

What difference does wheel size make in how the uni maneuvers or travels?

The bigger the wheel the less you have to rotate the cranks and the further you can go with each rotation. If that makes sense. :smiley:

Big wheels are faster, when you can ride them.

Small wheels are easier to steer and to mount.

Most people learn on a 20" wheel.

A good size for rough gravel tracks and the like is a fat-tyred 24" or 26".

If you take to it, your first uni will not be your last.

If you don’t take to it, a 20 will be easier to store/sell/get people to try when drunk at barbecues.

Also start small like a 20" as this is like the BMX of the unicycling world. Then slowly work your way to a 24-26". Then when you know/feel you’re ready. Move on to the monster 29er or giant 36".

BTW i agree with what Mikefule wrote also. :wink:


I got to try one again in March. We were drunk and taking turns. I still know how to free mount and get moving forward and back, just no strength. I think I will need a 26" wheel but what type tire. I have no paved surfaces except my driveway.

Do you have any nearby parks by any chance?? :smiley:

You cannot do better than buying something like a Kris Holm. It’s not just the tyre, but the tyre/rim combination that matters for good control and comfort.

I sometimes ride on rough tracks on a 23mm slick tyre with 130 psi pressure, but I have to admit it is much much easier on my KH24 with its wide rim and 3" section tyre.

By asking these questions, you are asking us to reinvent the wheel for you. Look at, read the descriptions. The website is trustworthy - these people are selling to some very experienced and skilled riders, and won’t risk their credibility by exaggerating how good the models are. A beginner’s uni is exactly that, and its limitations will show up with hard use.

Pretty much you get what you pay for. A cheap one feels like a cheap one; an expensive one is easier to ride.

No parks but plenty of grass runway.

Maybe a MUni or trials would do the job then. :wink:

I appreciate your personal reviews on different points. I have taken your advice about and will look more. No need to reinvent the wheel just for me:D Thanks for everyone’s helpful input.


I think that you could do well with a 26" unicycle with the hookworm tire.

it is 2.5" wide, so it has a lot of cushion, but it is still maneuvarable.

oh, doesnt have them anymore.

you might acgtually want the 29" torker AX.

I have been looking all morning.

I think either Torker’s 24" DX Unistar Mountain at $239 or the Kris Holms 24" $4-500 look like good options for what I want to do. Kris Holms is more expensive than I want to pay. Torker DX is doable.

:slight_smile: What is your opinion of Torker 24" LX Unistar Mountain listed for $77 on ebay right now? It seems the biggest difference is the type of tire between the DX and LX. I want a good tire for gravel and armadillo holes.


email aebike to see if they have 24" kh unicycles. I got one from them for $420.

A 24" LX is significantly different than a 24" DX. A DX is much much stronger, because it has a splined hub, meaning it spread pressure to the cranks better than the cotterless (inferior) cranks on the LX. Also, if you want extreme quality and ridability, go with a Kris Holm 24".

It is easy to replace a tyre, if that’s your only concern.

You’re quite right about changing the tire, but the frame must accept the width of the tire. I want a frame with the square fork for one foot possibilities, light weight and strength.

Also, I am in my 40’s so should I hone my talents to actual mountain riding, this forum will be the first to know.

I believe the Torker DX will give me all the maneuverability and rugged terrain features I will be able to use for quite awhile.

I have opted for the Torker DX Unistar on ebay for $229 which, I think will give me function, quality and value. But I couldn’t have learned all this today without the help of my new friends.

Thanks a bunch and I can’t wait to get back in the saddle again!

btw are you a Forrest supporter? Go Reds! in the playoffs.