First Public Unicyling

My older daughter just finished kindergarden.

Last week I went to her school and rode for her class during recess. First
I rode my 20 incher. Then I went back and forth a few times on my 6 foot
giraffe. I just got the giraffe at Christmas and I can not freemount yet,
but after scaling the wall to get up, I got quit a few “awesome” comments
from the kiddies. After a question and answer period, we went inside for a
snack. I made them some balloon animals after cake and ice cream. I was
definitely the coolest dad of the day.

Hopefully I get some more practice this summer so I can put on a more
impressive display next year for the first graders !


Congrats KG, unicycling will definately make you the coolest Dad.
That’s surely something to be proud of!!!