First post (original title, yes?)

Greetings all. Well, I’ve had my unicycle (a 24") for, er, actually, I’m not
sure how long :slight_smile: About a month or so, I think. I ride it about half an hour
every day or two, just because I lack time, and there’s nowhere at my house to
ride, I have to go to the local park.

I can now go about 20 to 25m before I fall off, usually gracefully, and it’s the
best feeling in the world. Of course, the reason I fall off is because I just
start to think “Gee, I’ve gone a long way, I wonder how much further I
can…thud” I’m now starting to learn to idle, and I get about 2 seconds
before I clutch the wall in terror - but I’m improving. I think. I hope. I can
handle small gradients (both up and down) but nothing too big. Then my wheel
just stops, and I fly forwards. Yesterday was my best run, and I got a fair bit
of distance, involving slowing down and speeding up to avoid passing
pedestrians. I also had my worst fall, where I somehow managed to come down sort
of on top of the wheel, which then slid out from under me and tore the skin off
the back and side of my left leg. But if that’s the worst that happens, then I
don’t mind. Oh, and freemounting scares the, er…daylights…out of me. Well,
I’ll be frequenting this newsgroup now, so hello to all. I’m from Australia,
Brisbane in Queensland actually. Are there any other Aussies out there? Till
later, Joel

Re: First post (original title, yes?)

Oh, and an addendum: I have no idea how to turn, but somehow I actually do it.
Even when I try and concentrate on it, I can’t pinpoint what it is I’m actually
doing! But, as long as it works, eh? Cheers, Joel

Re: First post (original title, yes?)

Going in a straight line is the hard part - if you can do that you already know
about turning, if you see what I mean. I seem to push the saddle with my thigh
as I’m driving the pedal down. With practice this has allowed some pretty tight
turns. I guess in time I’ll develop a more graceful technique which doesn’t wear
the tyre quite so much.

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