First post in new name, lettin yallz know its changed

Ok well this is Cody…Hi nice to meet everyone…You seem familiar for some reason though…Ohh well I was reffered here by caw89 :wink: wink wink…Well I ride all styles of riding and hope to stay here and unicycling for a long time :-p. lol well anyeays guys just lettin ya know im tired of caw89 so i changed it to Unicaw89 So now I have to be a post whore for a while to ge hte numbas up…hmmm Lol anyways im bored so lettin ya know my hand hurts from a 3rd degree burn! try street riding with that OUCH!!!

Who nice to meet you Cody!!! he he, ok im a lil bored guys give me a break, its like 2 in hte morning and im tired and i dont feel like going to bed…So proof to yallz…its changed :smiley:

Ohh and if you cant tell, I sincerely hope you can…I only changed the display name, all the rest o the junk is the same…he he ya know technically this isnt a double post…

This is what is called a double post…

But not too bad on gettin the numbas up :wink:

HAY quit makin fun of me!!! :smiley:

man if you dont stop doing that your gunna get a smiting from his almightness Godby

Lol yeah i know, I havnt seen him on for a while! but boredom is a dangerous thing…lol

some advice

lol yeah i know, that place is great. But i want to pink out some typing skillz. lol I just feel like talking, but noone is awake…hm I can prank call people with an indian accent offering htem a free camel :smiley:

Why don’t you do something more useful with your boredom… like, most replys.

Go out and ride or something.

At 2:30 am with a burned hand?


this has actually been a pretty entertaining thread…

and yes, most replies would be a good place to bump the numbers.

Geeze, someone give that kid a foam finger or something to keep him busy. :roll_eyes:

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH!!! Holly third nipple lickers!!! HAHAHAHAH!!! Dude you are the true phone finger dueler!!! Spencer+Cody and Evan fighting= Spencer jumping across beds like a cheerleader with a foam finger@!!@!@!!!

Nah, thats all exaggerated lies…just like the rest of your stories :roll_eyes:


Lol nah man, you can ask Evan even, you were a gitty lil cheerleader we still laugh about that everyday bro!!! YOU JUMPIN FROM BED TO BED YELLIN!!! It was so great!!!

Evan would only agree with your stories if it is about me, he doesnt seem to agree with your exaggerated stories about him…

what is up with you bumping up all these old threads?

Lol i have just gotten really bored and was lookin through old stuff. I havnt seen more of the ones I bumpes, this one I just never saw the replies, I need to be online more often man! But I have been doing this really wierd thing called riding and working… hahahha, cept now i cant work til next month cause I lost my lisence! I never thought I would see tha day that I would have to face the wrath of a racist judge… lol

LOL its ok Spencer we all dont see u as a first string cheerleader more of the bench warmer oh no sorry they dont have them so u must be more like a mascot:D but i guess they can be gitty too when they are in costume