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I am very interested in getting a unicycle, ive been biking for many years but need something new and a little more challenging. I was wondering if learning how to unicycle and cycling itself is a good form of exercise and specifically what does it help with. Sorry if this question has been posted before, but i could not find a search feature. Wait just found it lol. Ill post anyway to get my first post in.

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unicycling is a great cross trainer!

It really depends what style unicycling you do but it is generally really good for core muscles and balance training, especially in the early stages.

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I just started and even though I cant ride it well, my legs get very tired, my low back gets worked good and it increases my heart rate. Its fun which to me is more important.

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thanks for the info. Im looking at buying a bedford, as they are in Toronto and so am I. Any suggestions?

my suggestion is to call him up then go see him in person. He will give you any information you need to make an informed decision when buying your unicycle.

Welcome to the forums. I second saskatchewanian in going to darren (Bedford Unicycles), he is extremly helpful and I have had only good expeirences with him. :slight_smile: