First parade

I rode in my first parade today on my 24x3 Yuni Muni. Never really thought about how slow it would be!!! I got a really good chance to work on my low-speed skills! I was the only unicycle in the parade and got quite a reception along the parade route. Now that’s the parade’s over, I’m think I’m ready to remove my 170mm cranks and slap on the 150’s I got Friday and try to get some speed!!!

Re: First parade

Kenny, if I may ask, what kind of parade was it and what did you wear for it?

And by the way, I’ve been riding about 9 years and have yet to do a parade.

Nice job!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

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Thanks Raphael,
Here in San Antonio, Texas, we have a weeklong party called “Fiesta”. There is a huge parade on the San Antonio River using decorated barges on Thursday night, followed by two regular parades, one on Friday during the day and another on Saturday night. These are the big ones that draw participants from all over the United States, then there is a smaller parade that is part of the King William Fair. This is the one that I rode in. There were the usual marching bands and floats and every kind of costume that you could imagine,(and some you would not believe, even if you saw them)!!! I just wore my usual riding gear, but will probably dress up in something outrageous next year. The route is relatively short (just over 1 1/2 miles) but by the time I rode there from the parking area and played around a little before the parade, I ended uo with just over 5 miles, WHAT A BLAST!!!

I rode in one as well. Cornyval Parade in Helotes. I only rode halfway though, I have a hard time freemounting and the clown group I was riding with kept getting in my way

Glad to see another unicyclist in the “neighborhood”. What type of riding are you into? Are you in the San Antonio area? Maybe we can get together for a ride sometime!

I am in helotes