First Offroad Attempt

Very true - and as a novice freemounter I end up with my 2nd foot in all sorts of extraordinary placements on the pedal. I’m sometimes able to reposition it on the move - mostly I UPD smartly into the verge when I try!

A good short term fix, but it’s not that comfortable and can keep you from developing proper technique IMO.

What I did is angle it just enough that it wasn’t a big problem, just annoying, and frequently do lots of circles in the opposite direction (like every block).

I’m currently adopting the ‘ride everywhere’ advice from your sig… just back from another tour of the neighbourhood!

I’m out and proud now, lol

“obsessive personalities persist in trying to learn to unicycle”
YES!!! :smiley:

regarding asymmetry:
I assume this is rare, but as a newbie I found that my cheapo tire was higher on one side than another: I tested this theory by flipping my seat around 180 degrees, and to my surprise I tended to turn in the opposite direction. A close inspection revealed the defective tread. A new tire fixed the problem. Warning: this method may loosen your pedals :slight_smile:

regarding public opinion:
Who cares! Everyone is impressed that you can ride at all. Those that express otherwise have issues. You’re doing great - most importantly you’re challenging yourself and having a blast. (Indirectly challenging everyone you meet! Sharing the stoke!)

I seem to have fixed the veering to the left issue, though I have no idea how! I think is probably because I was really concentrating on getting my weight on the seat and off the pedals today. I guess it was that with too much weight on the pedals before, my stronger (right) leg was steering me a little.

Incidentally, getting the weight on the seat transforms the experience from a murderous workout to a much more leisurely cruise. Now I just need to do it instinctively and not just when I concentrate.