First OFFICIAL(unofficial) Unicon Ride! - at noon12pm on the 27th

Hey all,

Me and many others are planing to meet at the Wellington skatepark for our first OFFICIAL(unofficial :p) ride! After registering head to the Wellington skatepark, before, during or after lunch time. All welcome, don’t be shy, come get to know everyone before everything get started.

Its close to the waterfront/central Wellington and has a lot of awesome spots in the area to ride all kinds of styles.

sounds good. i’ll see if i can make it

I might come along, I’m mainly a muni rider, but it’ll be cool to meet some new people, plus I’m bringing my 20" anyway.

Definitely in!

I’m going to tell that to Adri, Loic and Djifouse!

Awesome, come meet the other muni riders that ride street aswell.

Cool, I might come but proberly won’t be riding well because of a injury :frowning: So this is on the 27th right?

I’m keen. Are there Helmet/Kneepad/Shoes/Bubblewrap requirements or are we free to hurt ourselves as much as we like?

Are you sure your sponsor wants you talking in public like that? They have an image to uphold and you are pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable on this forum.


Sweet. Haha, no this is an unofficial ride, just don’t tell the Unicon officials whats going on! wink wink wink.

Yup the 27th, I’m sure plans won’t change, I’ll be there untill sundown most likely.

Sounds good. If some people cant make because they either arrive really late on the 27th or they arrive on the 28th (which mite be me) I’m sure there will just be randoms riding around Welly anyway.

I’m hoping to make it out, should be fun. First ride in a couple months!

I’m going to call you Chris! Don’t forget to carry your cellphone, mobile or whatever you call it :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to be fun… :smiley:

27th is sunday, I don’t get in until after midnight or I would!

To everyone arriving late, do not fear! This is the first of many many unofficial rides :sunglasses:

sweet action. I hope you are ready for me to pound on the door at midnight the 27th because that is when I get into town also

Anyone who can make it to the skatepark at noon on the 26th should come also

ur not the only one arriving then. altho thats wen my plane lands so me n dan will b kncoking on the door at around 2am lol.

wish i could b there for the first unofficial ride :frowning: ill hav to meet everyone at the opening ceremony.

Hopefully the weather clears up a bit beforehand. I’ll be there though, can’t wait to meet people!