First Of Most Likely Many Questions.....

Hey there people…
I’m a newbie to the forum and i haven’t unicycled since i was roughly… 13 now being 22 i really miss it and have decided to get back into unicycling…

as i went to look at my old unicycle which i had kept in the shed for these oh so many years i obviously realised and knew there is no way, no how and no chance of getting back on a 13 year olds unicycle ( i kinda got a lot taller:) )
so now i am wondering what would be the best out of the bunch (of unicycles) to look at purchasing??

I am from the uk so any stores there would be more benifit to me than anywhere else ( who knew lol)

i’m looking at just getting back into learning tricks but also something that i can cycle the hell out of, also taking into consideration the idea that there is a chance i’ll possibly have forgottern how to unicycle and may continiously fall on my ass all over again so something sturdy so if anyone could help or advise me it would be appreciated ( please excuse my lack of ability to spell correctly)
thanks for your help and time

Finn x

im not from the uk so im not much help but i want 2 see a pic of the old uni …please

go to

that has got to be one of the best places in to UK other than would help ya out when u click on it it asks u what country u in so it can no where to ship it and i would also like to see the old uni…

thanks for the links
as for a picture of my old uni lol um it’s kinda been pout back into storage and i havent got a picture of it at the moment sorry :thinking:

tis ok

Re: First Of Most Likely Many Questions…

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 11:07:21 -0500, sashmo wrote:

>i obviously realised and knew there is no way,
>no how and no chance of getting back on a 13 year olds unicycle ( i
>kinda got a lot taller:) )

Well, your cheapest option would be to buy a longer seat post and
retrofit it to your old unicycle. At ,
replacement seat posts start as low as 4 GBP, but you should
communicate with the shop owner to determine the type (diameter, bolt
pattern, length) that fits your old uni and yourself. Roger Davies,
who runs that online store, is a very friendly person to talk to - his
e-mail is on the Contact page.