First (Occasional) Florida mUni Meetup

You can hang back with me and ride at a “safer” pace.

One’s safety is of the utmost importance.

How’ve you been man?
I really wish I could’ve made it for the get together and ride with you and John again. I’m out of Muni shape but if we can set something up before too long it’d be cool to get the original FUC back together!

  • Frank

Without danger there is no progression.

FUC? Sounds cool! I’ll be getting a 26" in about a month so we should get another ride up real soon.

I have been working myself back into unicycle shape via our Sarasota Urban Assault route and the occasional dab in MUNI. I was able to successfully mount and ride John’s GUNI on my first attempt.

Things have been superb lately. Learning to enjoy the little free time I get outside of work a lot more! Hurry down.

FUC- Florida Unicycle Club (or Comrades)

The “safety” thing is a kind of inside joke from the last ride I was at.

I will be riding Santos tomorrow at 11am May 31st if anyone is interested in joining. I was out there today and the trails are beautiful after the rain. My wife Tanya (Unouni) will be there with me too. Feel free to call me tonight or tomorrow am if you want to join us. 352-817-3679


I will be riding at Santos on 7/05/09 in the 11am ish time frame if anyone is interested in meeting up to ride there. Please feel free to PM me or post here. Hope I see some people!


Hey Brian P…I’ll go ride with you!:smiley:

Hey Unouni,
You and the one wheel made friends? How is it going?
I’d love to go, but have domestic duties :(… I’m trying to get out of them. :smiley:

I’ll pass the word on up here.


it’s going good…i havent been riding as much as i should…but funny thing…it’s just like riding a bike…you dont forget…lol

The official time to meet at the main Santos Trailhead is 10:30am on 7/5/09. There will be atleast 2 of us and we hope for more. PM if you can make it.


It was a great ride. We had 3 MTB riders and one uni rider. I hope we can make the uni riders outweigh the MTB riders next time. PM me or Unouni if anyone gets down this way in the future!

Not sure of ETA just yet, but it’s looking like I’ll be back up at Santos again this weekend, Sunday. Probably (just guessing) starting at the Santos trailhead, and doing a loop on that side at least to start off with. Brian, anybody else, I’d be glad to meet up and ride… might be able to drag a unicyclist or two up from my area with me, we’ll see.

Brian, had a great ride at Nayl’s trail, on the other side of the park a couple weeks ago… my second or third time time out there, but that’s a great section of flowy single with a little bit of technical to it at times. Definitely worth a shot for anyone who hasn’t tried it. Much of it very guni friendly, for sure.

Also planning (again with the possibility of dragging others along) for the Asheville Muni Festival in a few weeks as well, hope to see some Florida rep (but it’ll be good to ride with people from anywhere, of course ;D )

keepin’ it “wheel”,

John M

I will be there just let me know the time and I will be there will a smile on. I have been riding there quite a bit lately and I am ready to roll. I hope we can get a good showing. See you Sunday.


I hope you guys can bring a large contingent to Asheville. It would be so much fun to have a large swarm of unicyclists on the trails!

I don’t think I can go to the Ashenvale thing this year, but maybe next year.:frowning:

Do we have a time yet? I normally go out at 10:30am. If I don’t hear anything I will be at the main trailhead then.


Word is we are meeting at 8:30am for anyone who can make it. So far it is BillNye and me. Hopefully there will be more :slight_smile:

It was a great ride. Thanks for coming up and putting that together BillNye :slight_smile: