First New Video. On The Wheel Again.

Hey All,

Well this is my first video in about 5 months, My leg is really starting to feel like a real leg again. After upwards of 5 months off the ol’ uni, i am back on and do just as good as ever, and im quite happy about it, it feels very good to do everthing just as good again.

Here is the video. Its called, “On The Wheel Again”.

Note: Normaly i do wear a helmet and i highly advise people to wear them, the reason i wasnt wearing one is cause i was a mile away from my house and didnt want to get back and get it.


i liked that video the “frestyle” tricks all looked good and im julous you can glide and i still cant

Thanks. Note: I just learned gliding 3 days ago.

did you learn to ww first

i can hardly ww, yet i can do 1ftt very well.

Nice job on the seat drag. It’s funny how your seat bounces all over the place when you do it.

Nice riding Evan.

Very cool vid.


Yeah, I cracked up when i first tryed the seat drag, Its cuz i have the cut down kh saddle and it weights like nothing, so it bounces, also there were cracks in the surface i was riding on, so it hit those and bounced too.

Great video, as always.

The slow-motion parts are cool… and they are also educational for me. You should make an instructional video for hopping. It would really help people like me who have trouble hopping.

kewl little viddy. I think I’ve been to that park. It’s in Ojai right?

Nice video evan, im the same way cant ww half as well as 1f, glad to see you healed well.


I liked the viddy, especially the sequences around the water fountain! The rider / uni / cameraman / camera specs at the end were cool to see; it appeals to a uni geek like me. Glad to see the injury didn’t phaze your riding abilities.

The ledge riding was nice, but I’d recommend your camera man zoom out a bit to show the height of the ledge, as well as to “give you room” in the frame for when you do a hop / drop.

As for you, I’d recommend trying to ride around tight corners rather than hop through them; if you spend some time on it you’d be amazed how precise you can get! The “turbo-hopping” burns a lot of energy (esp. for an old fart like me) and you can ride longer lines if you roll as much of it as possible. The “Kris Holm” school of trials recommends hopping less and still-standing more… but I won’t question the “Evan Byrne” style, it seems to work quite well for you!

Thanks for sharing! Post some more trials schtuff, pleeze!

Thanks for the input, The reason i was doing such little tiny hops was because the ledge i was hopping on was rounded on the top and also skinny, twas hard for me to get goot take off place.

reall nice video. awesome gliding. i cant ever return my feet like that after a glide i have to slow down, wheel walk, and then put them down. also yea, nice seat drag i always wanted to learn them- but never did. good work.

good riding. terrible music. lincoln park is terrible. especially for unicycling.

i liked how you picked up the seat. It looked like you threw it up, racked yourself, but saved it. You also looked like superman going around the fountain. It was awesome. I wish I was that good. The 180 off that something when you wwent backwards was great.


Even though the music is terrible, you should have credited them at the end instead of what kind of camera you used.

I must say I liked the fact that you started with a failed attempt at a trick, and then ended it with a successful attempt. It gave the video some nice closure. Well done.