First Negative Comment (and Refutation)


I rode about an hour tonight, around the neighborhood. (I also did 30 minutes off-road at lunch today … fun!) When I was finishing up, and I stopped in front of my car at the house, a car of 5 college-age guys came to the stop sign, with their windows down. All of them were looking at me.

“Faggit!” exclaimed one.

My mouth opened … and shut. I thought better of making a reply.

However, within the car, I heard one of his buddies say “Naw, man, that dude is cool.”

Then they drove off.

All in all, a satisfying exchange.


This happens to me a lot, when you live in a college town you have to deal with rich white trash. Usually they just honk their horn right behind you or yell"FALL OFF". Learn to forget about it, and take comfort in the fact that Chicks usually are happy to see a guy who has a keen sense of balance.
Next time you are at CARPARTS pick up some of those metal valve cap covers with the valve remover tops…

Re: First Negative Comment (and Refutation)

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By “First Negative Comment” do you mean that you’ve received no other
negative comments while unicycling? If so, that’s awesome…

Re: First Negative Comment (and Refutation)

Animation wrote:

> My mouth opened … and shut. I thought better of making a reply.

Good job.

I now have a standard reply to anyone making a positive comment and
that’s “thanks!”. I simply ignore everything else. It makes us all
better people to ignore those folks who get their kicks putting other
people down.

Just my opinion.


My first negative comment (other than the usual “wheres the other wheel”, which isnt really negative, just stupid) happened one day when I was unicycling home from somewhere. I was ridin along, listenin to a CD, minding my own business, when all of a sudden, some jerk stops his car just to point and laugh at me (not in a “way to go!” sort of way, this guy meant to be insulting). Damn I was angry. Those sort of people need a good “backhand”, or shovel in the face. Why cant they just accept someone doin somethin different, which invloves talent…

oh well…

thats all i got to say.


Welllll sort of

I was on my uni at my neighborhoods country club, where inevitably a lot of rich people like to hang out, too bad im not one of them. I was riding around when a guy in a golf cart and goofy pants was on the same sidewalk as me. I slowed down to let him pass but instead he said " Im gonna watch this guy, he looks good" to his wife. I rode for about 3 seconds before i UPDed and the wheel hit the front of his golf cart and left a huge tread mark! He then said " Or not". and then rode away. I was pretty embarassed, but in the future ill stay out of the rich folks way.

lucky you, only 1 negitive comment and you’ve been riding for that long… I get a few faggtit, but that’s also when i’m walking, so it’s hard to tell. Got a “you belong in the circus”, but that was my fault, canada just won the olympics hokey so teens were driving around…ect. The worst was when was just comming back from my first 10km ride, and some a****** auctally tried to push me into a ditch from a car. Oh well, at least i didn’t fall. Anyway just ignore it.

My experience has been that negativity is usually the child of insecurity. And those that prove themselves most insecure are typically that much less of an intellectual opponent.

Blind them with your wit. Then, the only thing that might outshine your cleverness would be the painful clarity of a person who thinks for themselves and blazes their own path through this maze we call life.

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Edward Perry,

That’s right, Ed. What else could it mean? I have been lucky so far. Of course, it depends on what you consider “negative.” I have had comments like “Are you joining Ringling Bros.?” etc but I don’t consider them negative, because they are an opportunity for a friendly rejoinder that can get a laugh, or just leave a confused look.

I also recently had a fun one in which I was riding downhill and an old woman was sitting on the curb of her house, smoking a cigarette, while a younger man (50+) hitched up a trailer. I saw her gears turning. Just as she started to open her mouth I said “It’s all just a dream. A strange dream. Sleepyhead … shhhh.” She was kinda stunned and watched me go by. Then as I was about 30 feet away she called out “Are you joining the circus?”

So, I only delayed the response. But I had fun, and she didnt mean anything bad by it, so I don’t consider that negative.


>“It’s all just a dream. A strange dream. Sleepyhead … shhhh.”

should we ever meet, remind me to buy u a beer for that comment

After around 10 years of riding here and there I can’t recall a single negative comment. This is excluding people trying to be funny, they just don’t realise how unoriginal the ‘other wheel’ comments are. I let them have their moment as they can’t ride a unicycle so their life is already missing something.

Nobody has pushed me (well, nobody not riding another unicycle) and I’ve never been call a ‘faggit’.:slight_smile:

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It means he doesn’t listen to most of what I say ;).


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Actually, I just don’t understand most of it. :slight_smile:


I agree. And not worthy of any reply at all.

But, if you’re in a bad mood or something, or need to vent some steam, here are two possible responses to the insecure shouts of “faggot” that almost always come from moving cars:

“No thanks.”
“Nope, you’ll have to keep looking.”


Calling unicyclists faggots? Is that as in a bundle of sticks to be used as firewood, or as in the tasty meaty snack consisting of chopped liver and seasoning? Some people are very strange.


Heh. Well, as you know, over here that is a cruel slang expression. There are worse of course.

I spelled it “faggit” so you could hear the southern speech style. Yeehah, and all that.


Re: First Negative Comment (and Refutation)

Most comments have been favorable.

Yesterday: “Is that as hard as it looks?” (I was trying to climb
a 14% grade w/o falling off.)

Answer: “Yes – perhaps harder!” (as I UPD’d again for the
umpteenth time on the same stretch of road).

Great fun is to tell them so, preferably in front of friends…

Phil, just me

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On Tue, 17 Sep 2002 08:18:38 -0500, Animation
<> wrote:

>as she started to open her mouth I said “It’s all just a dream. A
>strange dream. Sleepyhead … shhhh.” She was kinda stunned

That’s absolutely marvellous, Lewis!

Klaas Bil

If you had this signature, I have forged it.

Well, as Alice would have said, had she listened in her grammar lessons: more and more curious.

Over here, Southerners seldom if ever say, ‘Yeehah’. They say things like, ‘Leave it aht Grarnt, I’w sort it, you slag,’ if of an aggressive disposition, ‘Chim chimminy chim chim cheroo, me ol’ China,’ if a little whimsical, and ‘Dash it all old chap, dontcha know, what?’ if from the upper echelons.

Such diversity in a world so small. ;0)