First Muni

Got my new KH freeride yesterday and took it out to a local trail. What a hoot! I’ve unicycled my whole life but never off road and I’m hooked. It will be good cross training for mtn bike races. Thanks to this great forum for the input on what to buy, I am stoked.

Glad you found your way to muni! I also enjoy both sports very much. But please tell us some more. What type of mtb-riding are you into and how do you expect muni to make you a better mtb-rider?

muni + mtb bike

I think it will help conditioning and balance. I do cross country mtb and will do the same on the muni, probably not real technical downhill. Do all kinds of XC mtb races, 24 hours of Adrenaline etc.

Muni, or rather all unicycling has given me better balance on the bike. But regarding conditioning I find XC mtb being a much more evil workout than XC on a muni.


You just found the best thing on earth “MUni”
MUni is conditioning for life.
Where are you from?


My balls hurt!!

Took the new MUni out for about 7 miles of rolling trail yesterday, my first real ride. It was so fun, just giggled a lot. The comments from the mtn bikers were classic: “Couldn’t afford the rest of it?” “2 wheels are for sissies!”
“That’s sick!” “That thing come with suspension?”

I live in sunny Southern California and am meeting Terry from this group to ride on Saturday.

I took mine into the three LBS’ in my immediate area yesterday (looking for trials tubes for my 19") and the guys there were all well impressed by my MUni, and the comment that we are going to take them [MUni’s] out to woodhill (our local MTB forest) this weekend gave them something to think about in awe. Freeride is a wicked uni!

I went from MTB to Muni myself, and now MTB feels kinda empty. I got into MTBing thru adventure racing, and it seems you have the same XC background. If that is true you might feel different about technical downhills later, for I do now. I have a Nimbus with a busted rim from that, and I can’t wait for a stronger one and some body armor to get back at it…